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Facebook: Click. Bait. Fight. Regulate. (4)

Things are moving faster than I anticipated. The Facebook Files or Papers (eg, WaPo) are causing bipartisan political outrage in Europe and especially in USA. A part of this outrage is political theater. The other part is probably rooted in emotions like revenge & retaliation. Facebook managed to alienate almost everyone. These Files or Papers evidence that the...

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Second hand news

One of the reasons for starting this blog is that I became fed up with journalism. Many newspaper articles are opinions that are presented as facts. Journalism once stood for 'objective truths', a term coined by the Austrian-British philosopher Karl Popper (1902-1994) to separate facts from opinions (my blogs). Today's journalism is about 'subjective truths' or...

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Click. Bait. Fight. Regulate. (3)

In October 2020, I wrote two blogs on Click. Bait. Fight. Regulate: part 1 and part 2. Recently, this topic returned to my mind. I've been wondering since whether this expression might be a cycle, representing Change. I think, feel and believe it is. This blog elaborates on my thinking.In a healthy relationship, there isn't much fighting. A new...

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Click. Bait. Fight. Regulate. (2)

On October 20, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) announced an antitrust lawsuit against Google (WSJ). This lawsuit represents a clash between four belief systems, being Data-Info, Money and Technology versus Politics. In my 2019 update of the 7 Belief systems, I chose for an exit of Politics. Hence, this lawsuit will determine how fast the West will (not)...

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Top-10 of micro and macro arguments

Top-10 of micro and macro arguments

Last weekend, I let myself be part of a fight on Facebook, following a rather provocative op-ed by Sylvain Ephimenco, a writer for Dutch newspaper Trouw: Why is everyone silent on corona fatalities? With hindsight, there was some irony in my participation, considering Monday's blog: Click. Bait. Fight. Regulate.In view of that...

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Click. Bait. Fight. Regulate.

For some time, I've been wondering whether (social) media are responsible for the polarisation of our Western societies. China solved that dilemma by only allowing government-approved content. The (often disputed) truth is no longer relevant (eg, mentioning of Taiwan, the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, Xinjiang re-education camps, 2020 Sino-Indian skirmishes...

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