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Democracy slipping away at record rate, intergovernmental body warns (Reuters)

Reuters title: Democracy slipping away at record rate, intergovernmental body warnsDate: 22 November 2021 "BRUSSELS, Nov 22 (Reuters) - A greater number of countries are sliding towards authoritarianism, while the number of established democracies under threat has never been so high, the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA) said on...

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Democrats getting undemocratic and liberals getting illiberal

All over the world, you can see a similar trend: democrats getting undemocratic and liberals getting illiberal. Intolerance (eg, for people thinking differently) is increasing. My blog is not about the (lack of) legality of that trend (eg, Austria, USA). My blog is about the Why of this trend. Last Sunday, Dutch ethics professor Fleur Jongepier was warning the Dutch...

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What is “gain-of-function” research? (the Economist)

The Economist title: What is “gain-of-function” research?The Economist subtitle: The genetic engineering of coronaviruses has caused jittersDate: 1 November 2021 "DISQUIET IS growing about “gain-of-function” (GOF) research, a form of genetic manipulation on micro-organisms. Some anxiety stems from the idea that such work was responsible for creating SARS-CoV-2, the...

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Vaccine mandates vs labour shortages

CNN, 31 October: "American Airlines canceled another 634 flights on Sunday, more than 12% of its total operations for the day, the company said Sunday. The airline has now canceled more than 1,500 flights since Friday, as it deals with weather issues and staffing shortages that started last week." Some media claim that vaccine mandates are causing those staffing...

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Facebook: Click. Bait. Fight. Regulate. (4)

Things are moving faster than I anticipated. The Facebook Files or Papers (eg, WaPo) are causing bipartisan political outrage in Europe and especially in USA. A part of this outrage is political theater. The other part is probably rooted in emotions like revenge & retaliation. Facebook managed to alienate almost everyone. These Files or Papers evidence that the...

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Secretive Body Leads Xinjiang’s AI Policing, Report Finds (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg title: Secretive Body Leads Xinjiang’s AI Policing, Report FindsDate: 19 October 2021 [Summary:] CCP body diminished elsewhere gets big remit to police Uyghurs Beijing says camps stop terrorism, ASPI lies for sponsors "A secretive Communist Party organ is taking an unusually hands-on role in directing a vast predictive policing effort in Xinjiang,...

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