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Politics versus Money

Recently, the Dutch FT published an article with an intriguing title: The Republicans say goodbye to Big Money (HFD, translation by LO). The FT published a similar title that day: Donald Trump pledges tax cuts, trade wars and border crackdown. Actually, this development is visible in China, Europe, and USA. It might be the greatest danger for nationalism. In my...

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Is decoupling causing supply-side inflation?

A recent Bloomberg article is responsible for the question in my blog title: China Premier Warns Decoupling Will Lead to ‘Destructive Spiral’. My 2 April 2024 blog questioned a related topic: Inflation: from supply-side to demand-side? Like my 4 April 2023 blog, I concluded that “we are stuck with supply-side inflation.” My 2023 and 2024 blogs did,...

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Is democracy the worst form of government, except for all others?

China and Russia often criticise and/or ridicule Western democracy (eg, recent Bloomberg article following Trump’s felony conviction). The surge in Western nationalism is somewhat related to that criticism. In my view, it’s (indeed) rather easy to criticise democracy but how about its alternatives?? On 11 November 1947, Winston Churchill (1874-1965) made the...

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Is Apple a monopoly??

Since about 2016, Google’s Android mobile operating system has a market share of over 70%. Apple’s market share is slightly below 30%. The remaining 1% belongs to several others. See graphs below. source: StatCounter source: StatCounter Hence, the American (and European) accusation of monopolistic behaviour by Apple seems to make no logical or rational sense. Might...

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Does a Superpower need pragmatism?

Before Covid-19, many articles assumed that the Chinese economy would soon surpass the American economy. Even before Covid-19, I never believed that. Nowadays, many articles assume that China may never become an economic Superpower. As long as the CCCP rules, that new belief is valid. Hence, my blog title: does a Superpower need pragmatism? In my view, ideology will...

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‘Derisking’ China-Reliant Supply Chains Is Creating New Risks (WSJ)

Wall Street Journal title: ‘Derisking’ China-Reliant Supply Chains Is Creating New Risks WSJ subtitle: The U.S. and Chinese economies appear to be growing apart. The real story is more complicated, and worrying. By: Nathaniel TaplinDate: 6 january 2024 " “Derisking” the West’s ties with China—shorthand for measures like tariffs to build up supply chains in friendly...

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