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How your attitudes to money could be affecting your relationship

Recently, I noticed an Aeon-Psyche article with an intriguing title (see above). I didn’t want to write about it but it kept bugging my mind. My past experiences have contributed to my reluctance. Suddenly, I realised its relevance. My upbringing explains my attitude towards money. My parents owned their house, their business, and their car in the 1960s. Money was...

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A warning label for social media platforms?!

On 17 June 2024, the "U.S. surgeon general called for a warning label on social media platforms that says they may damage teens’ mental health" (NYT). It seems to become a bipartisan issue: "Social media needs more than a warning label" (WE). In my view, adults are even at more risk than teens. Obviously, a warning label might be like a "forbidden fruit" and will...

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Inflation: from supply-side to demand-side?

Usually, inflation is driven by the demand-side in economics. An increase in demand and a stable supply will cause (consumer) price increases - a.k.a. inflation. Alternatively, a decreasing supply and a stable demand will also cause inflation. Latter happened after the Russian invasion of Ukraine (2022). In 2023, consumer prices were getting back to "normal". Since...

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Father and son

Father and Son (1975) by Gino Vannelli artist, lyrics, video, Wiki-artist, Wiki-album+song Once in a life there comes a man like youAnd you bear a son so much like yourselfAnd it's hard to believe that he's a grown manBut pop I understand Once every night I thank my lucky starsYou've given me some guiding lightBut there...

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Rights & duties: vaccination

The Netherlands is considering following a German law: mandatory vaccination in child care facilities against common child diseases (eg, measles, DKTP). In my view, the right of the majority (ie, health) is more important than the (ideological) right of a minority (ie, freedom). Nevertheless, this entire vaccination issue is the result of government stupidity. Any...

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Demographic extinction versus nationalism

Intro LO: This recent Times article highlights a demographic topic in (very) many countries: declining birth rates that are announcing a declining population (eg, China-FT-2021). South Korea claims it “faces extinction”. That claim makes sense given the numbers in the 3rd paragraph of the article below. The 5th paragraph explains why this demographic issue is (much)...

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