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The law of supply and demand

Last Sunday evening, I suddenly wondered about the law of supply and demand. Also see my blog of Tuesday. Supply will create demand. Demand will result in supply. Once demand and supply reach an equilibrium, a market price emerges. Does this phenomenon extend to the Space and Time dimensions? From an individual's (ie, micro) perspective, a supply of time (eg, a...

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The fallacy of control (3)

A friend sent me a comment on my recent blog The fallacy of control (2). She said that it lacked a connection with acceptance (my blogs). I agree. Hence, I've made some minor amendments to my 2017 diagram on Change to reflect how (not) being in control and acceptance are related. Not accepting Change may easily result in being / feeling out of control. Indeed,...

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The 7 Belief systems: ideology vs pragmatism

Many weeks ago, I made a note: "Pragmatism equals having soft beliefs??" I didn't know what to do with that thought - until now. My concept of the 7 Belief systems lies at the heart of (extreme) human behaviour: either we are willing to sacrifice our own life for these 7 Belief systems - or we are willing to take someone else's life for those same 7 beliefs.I used...

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Click. Bait. Fight. Regulate. (3)

In October 2020, I wrote two blogs on Click. Bait. Fight. Regulate: part 1 and part 2. Recently, this topic returned to my mind. I've been wondering since whether this expression might be a cycle, representing Change. I think, feel and believe it is. This blog elaborates on my thinking.In a healthy relationship, there isn't much fighting. A new...

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The simplicity bias

Everything in life, nature and the Universe is about balance & symmetry (my blogs). I've written several blogs on the complexity bias but overlooked a simplicity bias. Nevertheless, my 2020 blog was about humans using (simple) routines to cope with our (complex) decisions.  Yesterday's...

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50+ dating is like fishing in troubled waters

50+ dating is like fishing in troubled waters

Recently, I had a phone call with a friend. During that call, I made a sudden and unexpected analogy: 50+ dating is like fishing in troubled waters. So, I guess I'm trouble as well because I’m still in that pool of leftovers. Several times, I assumed I was out but each time I find myself back in again. My mother (86) certainly agrees I’m trouble as she calls me...

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