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Centrifugal force


In several of its articles, British newspaper The Telegraph claims that centrism is dead (eg, 2019, 2021, 2022, 2023). That view makes sense because most Anglo-Saxon countries have bipartisan political systems (eg, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, USA). The (extreme) political turbulence in most of those bipartisan Anglo-Saxon countries makes you wonder if...

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The Left believes in control; the Right in conspiracies. Where’s the center?

The Left believes in control; the Right in conspiracies. Where’s the center?

Joe Biden might be the final person who can bridge Democrats and Republicans in USA. The center in Politics was once powerful but those days are gone. The fringes are taking over in parliamentary democracies. The movement from the center to the fringes is like a centrifugal force. The centrifuge in a washing machine is the best example to explain this...

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The redundancy of politics (2)

In many countries, the belief system Politics is fighting with other belief systems (eg, Data-Info a.k.a. Big Data, Money, Religion, Science, Technology a.k.a. Big Tech, and the Truth). I think, feel and believe that this fight is similar to its death-struggle. Politics cannot win this fight as it's always divided and never united. If politics would be united...

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The redundancy of politics

 The centrifugal force in life and nature is - amongst others - responsible for the speed of Change, for polarisation, and also for eroding the middle in politics while strengthening fringe parties. In several countries, this force created bipartisan politics: Labour vs Conservatives, Nationalists vs Globalists, Democrats vs Republicans, and so on.In...

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The blurring of facts and opinions

Monday evening, I noticed an opinion by a Dutch doctor: "The reporting on the coronavirus is more damaging than the virus itself". From a health perspective, I couldn't agree more. Also see my recent blog: Virus epidemics. The mass hysteria on the coronavirus is being fed by nearly all media. What explains this blurring of fact and opinion? The simplest of all...

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Responsibility without accountability

Yesterday, Independent correspondent Richard Hall published an intriguing article: "Donald Trump and Boris Johnson have a special relationship: They were both radicalised by privilege". This article finally gives an implicit answer to one of my long-time questions: what prevents the 7 Belief systems from radicalization? It's not privilege by the way. Last Sunday,...

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