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Pushing boundaries

Last Sunday, a local friend joined me at my table at his restaurant. He had a blog topic for me: pushing boundaries. He was not talking about the recently popular term of transgressive behaviour (in Dutch: grensoverschrijdend gedrag). More specifically, he wondered why I'm not pushing my boundaries. Children are always pushing their boundaries with respect to...

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China: from pragmatism to ideology?

American ideological wars have confused non-Western countries, like China and Russia. America (and Europe) look weak and vulnerable in their perspective. This may explain Putin's "historical blunder" by invading Ukraine. As Aristotle already stated: "A common danger unites even the bitterest enemies". I am confused by the apparent transformation of successful...

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What’s next after globalization?

Several articles express that the Western sanctions, following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, mark the end of globalization (eg, Axios). I tend to agree with that. Hence, my blog's title: what's next after globalization? See Wikipedia for illustration. To a large extent, these changes are like swing of a pendulum. This results in swings between (amongst others):...

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Accountability vs responsibility for war

There's quite some discussion about the responsibility for the Russian invasion of Ukraine. That's weird as there's one country that attacks, and one country that defends. It's simple. However, some people have a habit of confusing a discussion by suggesting that accountability is similar as responsibility (my blogs). Notwithstanding the above, there is...

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Peace dividends and European welfare states

On 28 January 2022, a Pittsburgh bridge collapsed hours before a visit of the 46th US president to promote his Build Back Better Plan, a huge investment in US infrastructure (eg, CNN). The irony was not lost on me. Ever since, I've been wondering about military spending, infrastructure and welfare. The final push for this blog came from this article in The...

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Why is our tolerance waning?

Compared to the previous century, in which I grew up, I notice that our intolerance towards 'others' is (still) increasing. Our intolerance relates to (the freedom of) (i) speech, (ii) worship (ie, religion), (iii) sexuality (eg, LGBT, non-binary) and (iv) making own choices (eg, unvaccinated). Why?? The common denominator above is identity. We dislike others being,...

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