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Freedom: micro vs macro

Freedom used to be a clear and undisputed concept. Today, it's perspective has changed into a micro and a macro focus. The micro focus is still about the individual. The new macro focus is about society at large. Today, the freedom of society (if any) is apparently more important than an individual's freedom. This development implies that an individual's freedom has...

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Is anger a sign of guilt or innocence?

Early September, I noticed a very interesting British Psychological Society (BPS) article: We Think Anger Is A Sign Of Guilt — But It May Actually Be A Better Sign Of Innocence. Actually, this question has been on my mind, once in a while. We may view others as guilty when they display anger, while we view ourselves as innocent when we are angered (eg, by a false...

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Idiocracy (3)

Recently, I noticed my 2016 blog again: Closed mindedness, ignorance and stupidity. Considering its mentioning of stupidity, there has to be a link with idiocracy (my blogs). On further reflection, I also recalled my 2017 blogs on the arrogance and ignorance of the left vs the right as well as globalism vs nationalism. In 2021, I also wrote about the link between...

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Bad money always drives out good money

Bad money always drives out good money

Each time that I think that the (financial) world can't get madder, then reality proves me wrong (eg, $40 billion SPAC merger with a Asian ride-hailing app, and $100 billion IPO of a cryptocurrency exchange). While professional investors are already retreating, retail investors are putting in even more money. Hence, bad money always drives out good...

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What more can I do?

For some time, there has been a question on my mind: what more can I do? My question has a micro and a macro perspective. Both perspectives feel very different. The micro perspective is rooted in despair; probably due to a lack of control. The macro perspective is about how to deliver more added value. To some extent, it's also about control. The micro...

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The Next Decade Could Be Even Worse (the Atlantic)

Introductory note by LO:A highly recommended read that incorporates several, if not many, of my blog labels. It claims to explain current violence (eg, 2021 storming of US Capitol). The same explanation would also be valid for the global anti-lockdown protests (eg, the Netherlands).--------- The Atlantic title: The Next Decade Could Be Even WorseThe...

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