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USA embaces MMT. What could go wrong?

Former US president Obama is the first modern Democrat who left huge deficits. He had an excuse. Before Obama, Democrats were often the ones cleaning up the financial mess left by Republicans (eg, Bush tax cuts). Today, both parties believe in the Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), which argues that government budget deficits are solved by printing new money. Printing...

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Divide and conquer (Reuters BreakingViews)

Reuters BreakingViews title: Divide and conquer  By: Pete Sweeney Date: 29 June 2020 "Beijing may overtake the White House in the race to annoy the most trading partners at once. China has added fresh spats with India and Japan to its lengthening list of bilateral brawls. The People’s Republic may believe opponents remain too divided to push back. It’s a...

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Joint Statement on Hong Kong

"The text of the following statement was released by the Governments of the United States of America, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Begin Text: Signatories to this statement reiterate our deep concern regarding Beijing’s decision to impose a national security law in Hong Kong. Hong Kong has flourished as a bastion of freedom. The international community...

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A new Moscow on the Hudson (5)

In March 2015, I wrote my initial blog A new Moscow on the Hudson. Four more followed: 2018-Aug, 2019-Jan, 2019-Feb and 2019-April. Currently, US media are writing a lot that self-declared "democratic socialist" Bernie Sanders might well become the Democratic nominee for the 2020 US presidential election. If that would indeed happen then it would be...

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Retail apocalypse sweeping across Canada and U.S. (TorontoSun)

Toronto Sun title: Retail apocalypse sweeping across Canada and U.S. Author: Liz Braun Publishing date: 20 April 2019 "Stores are going belly up all over North America. The ‘retail apocalypse’ is a reality for every outlet from Abercrombie to Zellers, with select store closures for some and a total chain fail for others. In the U.S., dozens of retailers have...

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The U.S. Is the Unhappiest It’s Ever Been (Fortune)

Fortune title: The U.S. Is the Unhappiest It’s Ever Been "The United States is the unhappiest it’s ever been. The 2019 World Happiness Report says that Finland remains the happiest country on Earth for the second year in the row, while the U.S. drops to No. 19, its worst ranking ever (it was No. 18 in 2018 and No. 14 in 2017). The global report on 156 countries...

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