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Investors flee China (Axios Markets)

Axios Markets title: 1 big thing: Investors rethink giant bet on communist dictatorship By: Matt Phillips Date: 25 October 2022 "Global capital fled China en masse yesterday in the aftermath of Xi Jinping's quasi-coronation as the sole power in charge of China, Matt writes. Why it matters: Market moves suggest investors were surprised by the extent to...

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Money does not buy Power

There's a Dutch saying that translates like: a sparrow is a bird but a bird is not a sparrow. I was reminded of that saying when I read the following: "it's easier to turn power into money than it is to turn money into power" (Axios Markets, #1). The best example might be former Chinese tech billionaires (eg, Nikkei) Money is 1 of the 3 belief systems in the Power...

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The Global Economy Enters ‘Eye of a New Storm’ (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg title: The Global Economy Enters ‘Eye of a New Storm’ By: Simon Kennedy Date: 3 October 2022  Shockwaves Forget Nike Town. It’s more Nike down, these days. Shares of the sportswear giant plunged the most in two decades last week. The main reason was a 65% surge in inventories during the fiscal first quarter through August. But the...

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Why is bigger better?

My question may trigger a negative response (eg, "not true"). Nevertheless, one can only conclude that we - at the very least subconsciously - must believe in bigger = better. I do not but I'm an exception, along with 15% of the world population. About 85% live in urban areas. My village (c.2,000 people) offers at least something: an elementary school, bars,...

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Why must I have an opinion about anything?

I prefer to skip reading opinions whenever possible. Most opinions are biased or skewed and (thus) increase polarisation in societies. Opinions also tend to follow the click-bait-fight news cycle. Hence, I am careful to avoid writing opinions in my blog. Recently, I had this thought: why must I have an opinion? There are several quotes (rightly or wrongly)...

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The Chinese implosion – a 2022 update (3)

Early 2016, I published part 1 and part 2 of this blog. I'm surprised that the Chinese implosion is nearer than I had expected. Usually, such a development takes decades. I suppose China's swift transformation from pragmatism to ideology is accountable and responsible for the acceleration of its implosion. The reasons for my current expectation are as follows:...

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