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Amundi warns that parts of private equity market resemble ‘Ponzi schemes’ (FT)

Financial Times title: Amundi warns that parts of private equity market resemble ‘Ponzi schemes’ FT subtitle: PE funds are selling assets to each other in ‘circular’ fashion, asset manager’s investment chief says By: Katie Martin Date: 1 June 2022 "Europe’s largest asset manager has likened parts of the private equity industry to a “Ponzi scheme” that will face a...

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Seizing oligarch assets is a slippery slope (Reuters)

Introduction LO: This topic is a huge moral dilemma (to me) as Isaac Newton's Third Law of Motion must apply: for every action (force) in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction (eg, NASA, Wiki). Moreover, this will create a legal precedent for forthcoming centuries that will erode the separation of powers a.k.a. trias politica. Quite possibly, this cure is...

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The media is the virus

The slogan "media = virus" is written on a bridge that my son and I passed, last Saturday. He pointed it out to me. I replied that there is a lot of truth in it. The slogan dates back to the early corona days. Its meaning was different then: the relentless pushing of micro data (eg, infections) while ignoring the macro view. Essentially, nothing has changed...

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Why leave Russia and stay in China?

My question above might be rhetorical. Several articles (eg, WSJ) highlight that foreign investors are fleeing China due to (1) its zero-Covid policy, including factory lockdowns, (2) its transition from pragmatism to ideology, (3) its saber-rattling on Taiwan, and (4) its support for the Russian invasion of Ukraine. A recent Dutch FT article still argued that...

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What’s in it for me?

Late April 2022, the Dutch multinational Randstad (eg, temporary labour) published the results of a study amongst students (eg, FD). Their main conclusion was that students are more interested in the culture and salary at an organization than its purpose or sustainability. I just wondered why this is even news. My title above is a phrase that we express once the...

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Irrational exuberance

On 5 December 1996, Alan Greenspan (the then-Federal Reserve Board chairman) gave a speech (ie, The Challenge of Central Banking in a Democratic Society) at the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research and stated the following: "Clearly, sustained low inflation implies less uncertainty about the future, and lower risk premiums imply higher...

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