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Burnout & Depression

Forever labor shortage

It has been quite a while that I used external articles for my blogs. This Axios Macro article deserves my exception. I believe in the validity of its contents. Actually, I’m glad that its full impact will (probably) be after my demise. I’m one of the reasons why there already is a labor shortage. My 2013 decision was involuntary due a severe burn-out and subsequent...

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Need for Speed

During my second sleep of last Tuesday night, I became convinced that I had an unfinished blog, called Need for Speed. That was it. No further words. No idea about its contents. I decided to wake up early and started writing the first paragraph of this blog. Later that day, I still failed to understand its message. Nowadays, speed is absent in my life. There is no...

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Can you heal from a burn-out?

I suppose my situation contradicts my gut-feeling. Technically, I’m healed from my 2013 burn-out. Usually, I apply an 18-month healing period. My gut-feeling, however, says you cannot really heal from it. You carry it with you. In my view, a burn-out represents a breakdown of the Body, Mind & Soul triangle in our life. For all of us, that triangle is (very)...

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Emptiness of existence

Last Monday’s blog mentioned the apparent emptiness of existence that I seemed to witness during my Italian trip. It scared - and still scares - me. Actually, I had already felt that notion during my 2014 trip to the Dominican Republic, my 2017 blog. As far as I’m concerned, the emptiness of existence results from an absence of remaining goals in life. Hence, you...

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There’s no positivity without negativity

Recently, a friend made the comment above. She also said those feelings are like Yin and Yang. After a brief reflection, I realised its validity. Before, I had assumed those feelings were like waves, entering and exiting my life. Nevertheless, my cycle and waves concept still fits the Wiki description below: “Yin and yang, also yinyang or yin-yang, is a...

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There comes a time

In an episode of TV series Endeavour (eg, IMDb, video), there’s a phrase that goes like this: there comes a time when you need to make a choice. That phrase struck me as very valid, and in probably everyone’s life. The Martin Luther King quote below adds an important element: conscience. I suppose that most of our choices are almost fully automatic, and hardly ever...

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