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Burnout & Depression

Is it better being alone than being with the wrong one?

I heard the phrase above ("it's better being alone than being with with wrong one") in Cold Feet, a series rated 8.2 in IMDb. This phrase has quite some hits on the internet. Nevertheless, a recent scientific study disagrees: "Even an unhappy marriage is better for you than being alone" (Times-2023). This remarkable difference may well relate to the difference...

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Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.

My blog title is a phrase that is attributed to Chinese philosopher Confucius (c. 551 – c. 479 BCE). Someone at Quora wonders what is meant by it as "I am definitely not trying to make my life complicated." That addition poses an interesting perspective: why do we insist on making life complicated? First and foremost, I agree with the observation by...

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Time efficiency

Recently, I received a Dutch article that translates like: the ones trying to live more efficiently, will lack time for anything. The solution is, however, quite simple: stop or silence smartphone notifications. Also see recent WSJ article: How fixing notifications changed my relationship with my phone. Our obsession with time efficiency has increasingly resulted in...

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Does inspiration have an expiration date?

The above question has been bugging for several weeks. The reason for my question is simple: it seems that I’m having more difficulty in finding inspiration. I have been active since late April 2014 and published 3,164 blogs, including this one. What happens when has all been said and done?? Actually, I'm a little afraid of that day. Writing has become my meaning...

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Damaged goods (2)

Late 2015, I published my blog Damaged goods. Recently, I noticed a Tiny Buddha post: you'll keep meeting the same person in different bodies until you learn the lesson. With hindsight, this feels valid in my situation. However, which lesson should I learn? The picture at the right?? a Tiny Buddha post source I also consider myself as damaged goods. The main...

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Ideas and ideologies are immortal

While reading the second Jack Carr novel, True believer, I noticed an expression: You can kill a man but you cannot kill an idea. This proverb is either credited to the ancient Greek Sophocles, or to American civil rights activist Medgar Evers. This ancient proverb has, however, been used by many (source). What keeps evidently unsuccessful ideologies alive? And Why?...

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