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Ancient origins

In 1995, Graham Hancock published his book Fingerprints of the Gods, which "has been translated into 27 languages and is estimated to have sold five million copies around the world." About a decade later, I received it from my then neighbours. That book raised my curiosity on ancient history. Hancock's rather annoying way of storytelling is still the same in his...

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How to deal with an information overload

Today, every supplier wants our immediate attention for selling their products and/or services. The use of email offerings appears to be outdated (eg, NYT-2021, Validity-2022). Many if not all suppliers offer apps, including (annoying) pop-up messages. It's easy to lose focus and on what (really) matters in life. Example: I just received an email (sic!) from...

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Saving grace heals the pains

I noticed the expression above in Cold Case (ie, Se3, Ep7), a crime-drama TV series rated 7.6 in IMDb. This unfamiliar expression raised my curiosity right away. A saving grace is "something positive in an otherwise bad situation". Hence, the addition "heals the pains". My friend's recent death (see my blog) fits the expression above. I'm relieved that his suffering...

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Curiosity vs interest

Each week, I am curious about the real-life soap that is happening in a friend's life. If her life would be on TV, you would probably say that it would be too unrealistic. Despite my curiosity, I'm genuinely interested in her well-being. Actually, I'm worried because she is in a toxic relationship. Several weeks ago, another friend made a casual comment about the...

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Appreciation vs gratitude

Last week, I read a beautiful AP article on the writer's appreciation for Bill Russell. As a European, I had never heard of the late Bill Russell (1934-2022), an American basketball player and coach. The word appreciation triggered my curiosity though, and my subsequent interest in this word. Appreciation and gratitude are related but not the same. In my view, their...

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Truth or dare?

Since several days, someone is provoking me to dare what she does: visiting a swingers' club. I told her that I'm not interested in a hedonistic lifestyle. It just doesn't match my character. Usually, my curiosity would win; not now. I prefer to be true to myself rather than entering her game of truth or dare? A few years ago, a new friend surprised me by asking me...

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