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The Droste effect

Quite some (scientific) articles compare the human brain to the Universe; in particular a 2020 ScienceAlert: Study Maps The Odd Structural Similarities Between The Human Brain And The Universe. Other comparisons may include: birth, growth, maturity, decline (a.k.a. entropy). Might the Universe - and everything else - mirror something called the Droste effect? Wiki:...

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‘Do we need mosquitoes?’

My friend's question caught me by surprise. My thinking went silent for a moment. My initial answer was still kind of evasive in order to buy time: 'mosquitoes are part of the food chain'. Humans are on top of the food chain until another species comes along and above us. In the back of my mind another question popped up: why do we need humans? The ultimate question...

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Coincidental vs convergent evolution hypotheses

Thursday's blog made me wonder whether the coincidental and convergent evolution hypotheses agree with or contradict each other. I've written several blogs about convergent evolution (ie, 2018, 2020-2, 2020-3, 2020-4). My initial gut feeling is that both hypotheses do not contradict and may even agree. Let's elaborate. The dominant species in evolution are bacteria....

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There are some important words that are hard to define: friendship, life, love. Progress is also hard to define, especially once you strip its (common) ideological context. Each person has a different view - and definition - of these concepts. Once, I thought defining life was pretty easy, until I found out that viruses are viewed as "dead". Also see this...

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Awakening vs Beliefs – why people are so stupid

Last week's blogs gave several reasons for human stupidity: (lack of) curiosity, complacency, monism / Power, arrogance & ignorance, and (lack of) morality. I considered writing a blog on narrow mindedness as yet another reason for human stupidity. Then a thought struck me: what do all of these reasons have in common? The answer is Beliefs (my blogs). There...

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The complexity bias (12): Why

The complexity bias is a phenomenon that Change (eg, in life, nature and probably the Universe) has a tendency to increase rather than reduce complexity. This is counterintuitive. Simplicity should have a higher chance of surviving Change (eg, bacteria, viruses). Complexity should have less chance in Evolution. Yet, complexity seems to be the guiding principle....

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