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Who is to blame for hospital demand exceeding supply?

Recently, a friend posted a diagram indicating that the group of hospitalized people now includes unvaccinated and (fully) vaccinated people. This applies to several countries. This is weird as vaccines should prevent hospitalization. I got curious as to the How, What, Who & Why. A recent WebMD article claims the (American) breakthrough cases are in need for a...

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BoJo’s levelling up the UK: needs, wants & beliefs

I'm intrigued by the British PM's determination to "level up" the UK. Ultimately, it might just be another one of his pranks but let's suppose that it's not. Is it even possible to level up a nation or a society? Yes, it is indeed as China has shown. However, Western democracies are facing elections without a fixed outcome. In my view, his belief in levelling up...

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Critocracy, dikastocracy, or kritarchy

More and more, judges in Europe and USA fulfil an additional role in the trias politica or separation of powers. Next to their (original) judicial role, they are adopting a legislative role (eg, Shell verdict, ECB vs German Federal Constitutional Court, ECJ vs Polish Constitutional Court) due to the increasing impotence of the belief system Politics, both in Europe...

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The elephant in the room

There's an elephant in the room and we prefer not to mention its name: fear. We prefer blaming people for not willing to work after having received government support in order to survive (eg, National Review). My girlfriend is a doctor and meets people who don't dare going back to work. I'm unwilling booking a vacation flight as I fear that...

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Happiness comes along when you least expect it

I feel happy. This comes as a surprise because I didn't expect it. Far from it. I expected that my choice / decision would be negative as many things went wrong before. I supposed that it was not meant to be and/or not meant to happen. It's still hard to believe that my assessment was so wrong. I'm still not sure which part of my radar was off.The decision wasn't...

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About two months ago, Dutch philosopher René ten Bos wrote an opinion in the Dutch Financial Times: "the myth of self-responsibility". In Dutch: De mythe van de eigen verantwoordelijkheid. It's a well-written opinion. Still, its title bugged me. What's wrong with self-responsibility, if anything? A lack of taking self-responsibility often comes close to...

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