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The 7 Belief systems – a 2023 update

Please find below my overhaul of the 2019 version of the 7 Belief systems. With hindsight, I overestimated the power of Technology, and underestimated the revenge of Politics. The first country to restrict the power of its Big Tech sector was China. USA and Europe are still following but lagging. The combination of Data-Info, Money and Technology is worrisome for...

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Missing Banker Reignites Fear of Xi Among China’s Tech Bosses (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg title: Missing Banker Reignites Fear of Xi Among China’s Tech Bosses Bloomberg subtitle: “We just have to wait for the government to punish whoever it thinks is doing the wrong thing and accept that there isn’t anything you can do,” one founder says By: Jane Zhang and Sarah Zheng Date: 6 March 2023 “After a two-year crackdown on the private sector, Xi...

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China’s giant downshift (Axios)

Axios Markets title: China's giant downshift By: Matt Phillips Date: 18 January 2023 “China's economy posted its second-slowest year of economic growth since 1976, another indication the post-COVID world economy could be vastly different from the decades that preceded the pandemic, Matt writes.  Why it matters: Since it burst onto the world...

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The Chinese implosion – a 2022 update (3)

Early 2016, I published part 1 and part 2 of this blog. I'm surprised that the Chinese implosion is nearer than I had expected. Usually, such a development takes decades. I suppose China's swift transformation from pragmatism to ideology is accountable and responsible for the acceleration of its implosion. The reasons for my current expectation are as follows:...

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Big Tech hit by dollar’s strength (Axios)

Axios Markets title: Big Tech hit by dollar's strength By: Matt Phillips and Emily Peck Date: 1 August 2022 "Big technology companies are reaping the whirlwind of a strong dollar, as the sector becomes an unlikely victim of foreign exchange volatility, Axios' Javier E. David writes. Why it matters: In normal times, car companies and other multinationals...

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The media are the virus in our society

Early June 2022, I published my blog Media = virus, which was still mostly about Covid-19. For two years, the media played played a very divisive role in society. Governments adopting a macro view were criticized (eg, Sweden). Every government attempt to moderate restrictions was ridiculed. Cartoon by Garrick Tremain (eg, source) The media has learned from this but...

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