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Belief systems

What a Fool believes (Doobie Brothers)

What a Fool Believes (1978) by the Doobie Brothers artists, lyrics, video, Wiki-1, Wiki-2 [Verse 1]He came from somewhere back in her long agoThe sentimental fool don't seeTryin' hard to recreateWhat had yet to be created once in her lifeShe musters a smile for his nostalgic taleNever coming near what he wanted to sayOnly...

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Why does a kleptocracy believe in its superiority?

Analysts claim that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is stalling due to (a.o.) the legendary Russian corruption. As an example, they use pictures of (broken) Chinese tyres on Russian military vehicles (eg, Express, source). This raises my title's question: Why does a kleptocracy believe in its superiority? In my recent blog, We need a common enemy to unite us, I...

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Some people believe in sanctions. Others argue sanctions don't work and hit the wrong people. What are the alternatives to sanctions? Essentially, sanctions are punishment for bad behaviour. Hence, there's an analogy with parents (or schools) raising children: (1) reward, (2) punish, or (3) do nothing (a.k.a. condone). Bad behaviour by children triggers various...

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There have already been several people arguing that restricting access to (foreign state) propaganda is against the (individual) right of free speech. I trust you will see the inherent contradiction(s). Nevertheless, let's assume, for the purpose of this blog, that these people actually believe in what they're arguing. The above is an example of the paradox of...

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Why smart people use irrelevant justifications

Russia has invaded Ukraine. All over the world, (alleged) smart people are presenting additional facts to make you change your mind about this war. I'm not even talking about false facts. I'm talking about irrelevant facts that add complexity to an issue that is ultimately simple: Russia is the aggressor. Russia uses an interesting though irrelevant argument for...

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We need a common enemy to unite us

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the EU has suddenly adopted high speed decision-making and even without much fuss from its 27 members. Some are surprised about these changes. I'm not. I suppose, Condoleezza Rice (b.1954) was right when she once stated: "We need a common enemy to unite us." Quite often, leaders create imaginary enemies to get what they need,...

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