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Belief systems

An elderly man with a poor memory OR a criminal??

Recently, the option "None of the above" won the primary election in Nevada. The (conservative) Washington Times was clear: "Trump vs. Biden? America should vote ‘none of the above’. The 2024 US presidential election is a choice between an "elderly man with a poor memory" and a criminal. Most likely, the US Supreme Court will allow Trump to be elected in 2024. Most...

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“Ik geloof in conflict als model om vooruit te komen, niet in consensus.”

Bovenstaande bijzondere uitspraak maakte Geert Wilders in zijn Volkskrant interview van 15 november 2023. Een merkwaardige uitspraak omdat Geert Wilders niet of nauwelijks vooruit kwam, na het conflict in 2012 tijdens zijn deelname in het Kabinet Rutte-1. De winst van Geert Wilders op 22 november 2023 is gebaseerd op een vermeende consensus, met vooral de VVD....

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The handmaid’s tale in China

In several of my blogs, I have predicted that China will become an example of Margaret Atwood's "futuristic dystopian novel" The Handmaid's Tale (1985). Two recent Axios articles (below) illustrate my prediction. The reason for my prediction was (and still is) simple: over the years, the few Chinese women in government positions were removed and were replaced by...

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Everything we do is either an expression of love or a request for love

My title is a translation of a Dutch saying (eg, Dutch examples). This saying was new to me and caught my immediate attention. Once you start thinking about it then it indeed seems true. Feel free to change the word love by the word attention. I prefer the word love though. The Nobel-winning English polymath Bertrand Russell (1872–1970) wrote about...

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Is romantic love instinctive or learned?

To me, the above question is ridiculous. For author and philosopher Alain de Botton (b.1969) it's not. He claims that "romantic love being a modern-day invention and that people would not fall in love if they had not heard of it" (eg, the Hindu-2023, MB-2020, YouTube-2016). In my concept of the 7 Belief systems, Love is a belief. Recently, I argued that romantic...

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Gratis Geld bestaat (toch) niet (HFD)

Introductie LO: In 2004 had het blad Foreign Policy een speciale uitgave m.b.t. de 10 gevaarlijkste ideeën wereldwijd. De bijdrage van econoom Alice Rivlin (1931-2019) ging over 'Gratis Geld' (o.a. Brookings-2004); zie ook mijn recente blog. Haar geweldige openingszin luidde als volgt: "Fiscal irresponsibility is politically attractive, but it is equivalent to...

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