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The Dutch childcare benefits scandal

The childcare benefits scandal that toppled the (still outgoing) Dutch Cabinet is still expanding. At least 1,115 children have been taken away from their families due to that same scandal. These parents lost everything while they were being drowned in debt, following clawback activities by the Dutch tax authorities. A friend told me that the Belgian approach is the...

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Is a dissolution of the EU and UK, like the Soviet Union, unavoidable?

Late June 2021, the Dutch PM urged the Hungarian PM to leave the EU following a spat over LGBT rights (eg, BBC, Bloomberg, Dutch News, WaPo). Recently, Hungary announced a referendum on its (anti) LGBT law (eg, Guardian, Reuters). If its citizens agree, the EU options seem limited to accept, deny or delay (eg, committee). In 2016, the UK announced a referendum on...

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Belgitude: the art of Belgian zen (the Economist)

The Economist title: Belgitude: the art of Belgian zenThe Economist subtitle: A rogue soldier explains life in Europe’s strangest countryDate: 26 June 2021 "Allowing a soldier to go awol is a misfortune. Allowing a soldier to go awol armed with stolen machineguns, four rocket-launchers and a pledge to “join the resistance” and kill Belgium’s...

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Happiness comes along when you least expect it

I feel happy. This comes as a surprise because I didn't expect it. Far from it. I expected that my choice / decision would be negative as many things went wrong before. I supposed that it was not meant to be and/or not meant to happen. It's still hard to believe that my assessment was so wrong. I'm still not sure which part of my radar was off.The decision wasn't...

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Het Verzuim van de Vierde Macht door Siegfried Bracke

Het Verzuim van de Vierde Macht  Auteur: Siegfried Bracke  Datum: 29 december 2020 "Is er iemand die weet waarom wij gisteren begonnen zijn met vaccineren en niet eergisteren, zoals in de meeste andere Europese landen? Weet er iemand waarom alle Pfizervaccins eerst van Puurs naar het Leuvense ziekenhuis Gasthuisberg gaan, en vandaaruit naar verschillende...

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