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The reverse currency wars have begun (Axios Macro)

Axios Macro: The reverse currency wars have begun By: Neil Irwin Date: 21 June 2022 "In the early 2010s, there was lots of talk about "currency wars" — the claim that major world central banks were in a race to the bottom with interest rates, competitively devaluing their nations' currencies to try to seize an economic advantage. Now, that has been turned on...

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Amundi warns that parts of private equity market resemble ‘Ponzi schemes’ (FT)

Financial Times title: Amundi warns that parts of private equity market resemble ‘Ponzi schemes’ FT subtitle: PE funds are selling assets to each other in ‘circular’ fashion, asset manager’s investment chief says By: Katie Martin Date: 1 June 2022 "Europe’s largest asset manager has likened parts of the private equity industry to a “Ponzi scheme” that will face a...

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Fiscal Policy Is Way to Deal With Divergence, ECB’s De Cos Says (Bloomberg)

Introduction LO: Lowering the Value-Added Tax (in Dutch: BTW) indeed seems a much better way to combat inflation than raising interest levels. Some countries have already lowered their VAT (eg, on energy). Some companies are now increasing the wages for their lowest-paid employees (only) because they are hurt most by high inflation (eg, Investopedia, NOS, SHRM). The...

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Urban legend: Apple’s market dominance

The European Commission and others are complaining about Apple's market dominance (eg, WSJ). They must be joking. Google (eg, Android) has a c.70% market share for smartphone software, while Apple has only c.25%. Samsung is the dominant hardware supplier using Android software (eg. Statista). People buy Apple products despite its higher prices. Apple's closed...

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Society’s farewell to the best & brightest

All over the world, former politicians are being handed jobs by current politicians at semi-public organizations. In my view, this explains why the European Central Bank is not following the Fed on interest levels. As a consequence, the euro is near historic lows compared to the US$. Now, we are even importing inflation. Amsterdam Airport is an important airline hub...

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A Russian template for decoupling from China

Within days after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Europe and USA have shown many efforts resulting in an economic and financial decoupling from Russia. Before, many opinions did not believe that such a decoupling from China or Russia was possible (eg, FP-2022). These opinions were proven wrong. In my view, the European and US decoupling from Russia is a also...

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