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Needs, Wants, Beliefs & Awakening (3)

Monday's blog about Awakening vs Beliefs made me wonder (again) what an Awakening actually is. I may have avoided that issue. It's (much) easier to say what it's not. An Awakening has nothing to do with the American "woke" culture or ideology: "referring to a perceived awareness of issues that concern social justice and racial justice". It's the opposite, in...

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Fooled by absolute numbers

Fooled by absolute numbers

This week, I noticed a Sydney Morning Herald article with the title: "Australia's death rate 'extremely low' despite recent surge". Finally, eyes are opening to Covid-19 reality: the virus may be (very) infectious but its death rate is extremely low. See my diagram below for details. Lately, I noticed various articles wondering why the high number of infected people...

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The danger of using absolute or relative numbers

I was surprised by the outcome of my blog of last Thursday. The low relative number gave a very different (macro) perspective than its high absolute (micro) number. It's too easy (for me) to blame the media or the source of those numbers. I think, feel and believe that our presenting of either absolute or relative numbers is a...

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A lack of power is liberating and powerful

Early 2016, I wrote my blogs: The more we have, the more we fight change and The less you have, the more you embrace change. This weekend, I learned a new application of that reality: having power is a threatening aphrodisiac, and that a lack of power is liberating and powerful. Mahatma...

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Know thyself (3)

In several of my more recent blogs, I have used the word introspection. My "weird" conclusion was that I probably know others better than myself. This conclusion is, however, consistent with a 2018 article in The Atlantic: People don't actually know themselves very well. Its subtitle confirms my earlier conclusion: "Chances are, your coworkers are better at rating...

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