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Needs, Wants, Beliefs, Awakening & Wisdom

Let me start by presenting my current thoughts on today's topic through the diagram below. Please be informed that the contemporary "woke" subculture is part of human Beliefs and not of an Awakening. To a large extent, these two are even each other's opposites. The awareness in "woke" represents a blindness to anything else, which results in (highly) biased...

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Needs, Wants, Beliefs & Awakening (3)

Monday's blog about Awakening vs Beliefs made me wonder (again) what an Awakening actually is. I may have avoided that issue. It's (much) easier to say what it's not. An Awakening has nothing to do with the American "woke" culture or ideology: "referring to a perceived awareness of issues that concern social justice and racial justice". It's the opposite, in...

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Fooled by absolute numbers

Fooled by absolute numbers

This week, I noticed a Sydney Morning Herald article with the title: "Australia's death rate 'extremely low' despite recent surge". Finally, eyes are opening to Covid-19 reality: the virus may be (very) infectious but its death rate is extremely low. See my diagram below for details. Lately, I noticed various articles wondering why the high number of infected people...

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The danger of using absolute or relative numbers

I was surprised by the outcome of my blog of last Thursday. The low relative number gave a very different (macro) perspective than its high absolute (micro) number. It's too easy (for me) to blame the media or the source of those numbers. I think, feel and believe that our presenting of either absolute or relative numbers is a...

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A lack of power is liberating and powerful

Early 2016, I wrote my blogs: The more we have, the more we fight change and The less you have, the more you embrace change. This weekend, I learned a new application of that reality: having power is a threatening aphrodisiac, and that a lack of power is liberating and powerful. Mahatma...

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