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Outsiders Solve Problems. Just Ask Goats. (NYT)

The New York Times title: Outsiders Solve Problems. Just Ask Goats. NYT subtitle: In a study of how animals respond to the unknown, goats and camels, especially those with a lower social position, proved most capable of liberating a snack from a cup. By:  Veronique Greenwood Date: 4 April 2023 "Fair or not, goats have not earned a reputation for their...

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Ancient Apocalypse (Graham Hancock / Netflix)

Finally, I've watched all eight episodes of Graham Hancock's documentary series Ancient Apocalypse at Netflix. For people who are new to Graham Hancock's storytelling, this Netflix series is either (very) interesting or pseudoscience. I prefer the first, despite Hancock's rather annoying habits. I suppose my interest in ancient history was reignited when I visited...

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Relationship vs Situationship

Recently, the Belgian newspaper De Standaard published a (Dutch language) article: Do we have a relation? No, a situation. I got curious. Apparently, a situationship is a new buzz word; it's even already mentioned on Wikipedia: "a portmanteau of situational and relationship". "Non-committal relationships are so common, it seems like a new...

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Crisis here. Crisis there. Crisis everywhere.

Late last century, international businesses stopped using the word 'problem'. People had gotten fed up hearing it. Hence, new words arrived describing the very same; mostly challenge and issue. In 2022, it seems that every single problem has become a crisis or even a disaster. In 1975, Supertramp released its album Crisis? What crisis? The album title was more about...

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I never wrote about this topic before. That is weird as it's quite important to me: both in giving as in receiving. After checking my blogs, I found a few references but only in this context: do not expect gratitude. In general, I differentiate between the following five types of situations: family, friends, sports, study, work. Gratitude might be the most obvious...

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We are all searching for something for our entire life

Last week, we reached a joint conclusion: we are all searching for something for our entire life. She added that some people are actively searching while others are searching passively. In my life, this 'something' has been - and still is - a moving target (eg, contributing to society, delivering added value, learning, money, status, teaching, wisdom). I suppose...

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