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Apple cancels its autonomous electric car project

Intro LO: Apple’s decision (to cancel its autonomous electric car project) may well be far more important than it looks like. Probably, it will also imply that Tesla will never be able to deliver on its many (similar) promises. Once that thought sinks in, Tesla’s share price will sink further. Autonomous driving has five (or six) levels (source): Level 0: no Driving...

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Hertz pops its EV bubble (Reuters)

Reuters title: Hertz pops its EV bubble By: Joseph White, Global Automotive Correspondent Date: 12 January 2024 "Hertz will dump 20,000 electric vehicles, many of them Teslas, from its fleet and buy more gasoline cars instead, slamming the brakes on an electrification strategy that has proven more costly than management expected. Hertz shares slumped on the...

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Hertz’s Electric U-Turn (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg title: Hertz’s Tesla Fire Sale Portends EV Reckoning No One Wants Bloomberg subtitle: The only ones making out well are used-car bargain hunters. By: David Welch Date: 12 January 2024 “Hertz’s Electric U-Turn Want to buy a Tesla for less than $18,000? Bargain hunters can find Model 3 sedans that cheap following the decision by rental-car giant Hertz...

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Why America’s Car Buyers Are Rethinking EVs (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg title: Why America’s Car Buyers Are Rethinking EVs Bloomberg subtitle: High sticker prices, steep financing rates and range anxiety will fuel a slowdown in US electric-car adoption this year. By: Keith NaughtonDate: 4 January 2024 “When Debbie Mettenleiter’s old Hyundai needed replacing after racking up 200,000 miles, she decided to jump on the electric...

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Dutch explanations

Yesterday’s blog on the 2023 Dutch general election did not include any explanation. Today’s blog will. The main explanation is anger of Dutch voters towards PM Mark Rutte. Hence, all four parties that supported Rutte have lost votes: -24% (abs), -47% (rel), and -36 seats. This anger includes many topics, apart from the number of migrants and refugees. For me, it...

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I don’t need, want or believe in an “everything” app

The (first) screen of my iPhone has 23 apps and 1 folder containing 11 additional apps. The second and final "page" of my iPhone contains the App Library. It contains 8 (default) folders and some 45 apps, including all of the apps of my first screen. I minimize storing apps on my iPhone. I prefer deleting seldomly used apps. I'm always amazed by people who have 5-10...

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