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Greenwashing: leveraging on our guilt & shame

Life was simple once: either something was allowed or it was not. Usually, the law defines what is allowed. Then ideology (eg, Politics, Religion) complicated matters for us: certain things that are allowed can still be morally wrong, albeit from that ideological perspective. The moment you think that you are acting politically correct, something new comes along to...

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US opens formal probe into Tesla’s Autopilot technology (FT)

Financial Times title: US opens formal probe into Tesla’s Autopilot technologyFT subtitle: Transport department to examine 11 crashes involving electric carmaker’s driving assistance systemBy: Lauren Fedor in Washington and Richard Waters in San FranciscoDate: 16 August 2021 "In May 2018, a Tesla Model S in Autopilot mode crashed into the back of a...

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Robotaxis: have Google and Amazon backed the wrong technology? (FT)

Financial Times title: Robotaxis: have Google and Amazon backed the wrong technology? FT subtitle: An evolutionary approach to building driverless cars is challenging the companies targeting a ‘moonshot’ solution to full automation By: Patrick McGeeDate: 19 July 2021 "Since Google launched its self-driving car project in 2009, the biggest challenge has been one of...

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“Consciousness is not computational”

I've borrowed today's blog title from Roger Penrose (b.1931), a "British mathematician, mathematical physicist, philosopher of science and Nobel Laureate in Physics". He argues that consciousness is "beyond anything that neuroscience, biology, or physics can now explain" (Nautilus). His ideas appeal to me. The human brain is an organ that we...

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Why the US is becoming more European (FT)

Financial Times title: Why the US is becoming more European Financial Times subtitle: ‘Seven in 10 American millennials would vote for a “socialist”, by which most probably mean a social-democratic Nordic type’ By: Simon Kuper Date: 20 May 2021 "For decades, influential Americans looking at other countries used to ask, “When will they become like us?” When...

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