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What’s next after globalization?

Several articles express that the Western sanctions, following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, mark the end of globalization (eg, Axios). I tend to agree with that. Hence, my blog's title: what's next after globalization? See Wikipedia for illustration. To a large extent, these changes are like swing of a pendulum. This results in swings between (amongst others):...

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Some people believe in reincarnation. I do not. In my view, it's mathematically impossible in case of a growing population. Things get complicated when you start adding restrictions on which births are reincarnations and which births are not. In such a case, the mathematics of reincarnation might work. According to Wikipedia the definition is as follows:...

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RPA department head lashes ‘politically-driven’ management of crisis (SMH)

Sydney Morning Herald: RPA department head lashes ‘politically-driven’ management of crisisBy: Lucy Carroll and Mary WardDate: 20 January 2022 "A high-ranking doctor from one of Sydney’s biggest hospitals has lashed the “politically driven” management of the pandemic, as thousands of health staff remain on COVID-19 leave and the number of hospitals...

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The RBA’s Defeat Down Under Should Worry Central Bankers (WSJ)

The Wall Street Journal title: The RBA’s Defeat Down Under Should Worry Central BankersWSJ subtitle: A sudden surge in Australian government bond yields should have other monetary authorities watching their backsBy: Jacky WongDate: 3 November 2021 "The bond market has just notched a win in its tussle with the central bank of the land Down Under. As inflationary...

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China Has Started Making the Same Mistakes as the Soviets (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg title: China Has Started Making the Same Mistakes as the SovietsBloomberg subtitle: Fomenting a nuclear arms race, pursuing “wolf warrior” diplomacy and pushing your enemies together are all good ways to lose a cold war. By: Hal BrandsDate: 27 October 2021 "It’s boom time for historical analogies in America’s China policy. Beijing’s...

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Zero Covid policy

Introduction LO: I'm not fond of opinions, including the one below, which feels like a personal attack. Nevertheless, any zero-virus policy is indeed arrogant and ignorant and doomed to fail. Viruses are neither alive nor dead, at least following human definitions (ie, Nature's Tree of Life). Moreover, their origin is still unknown. The more you prevent viruses to...

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