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Why do people apologize?

In 2015, I wrote my blog Apologies and the 7 reasons for non-apologists. A few days ago, I noticed an article in The Times of Israel, an online English language newspaper: What’s the point of an apology? It caught my interest as I seldom apologize. I only apologize when I mean it; not when it's politically correct. Moreover, it genuinely (sic!) irritates me when...

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Apologies and the 7 reasons for non-apologists

Apologising is hard, also for me. I really don't like it when I'm wrong. It is even worse to admit that I was wrong. Not in the office anymore since a brutal lesson from one of the senior audit partners. I still pity my colleagues in the adjacent rooms when David shouted at me. David said that I was my own worst enemy and he was absolutely right. It was one of my...

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Once in a while I get moody and reflect on the choices that I've made in life. And I ask myself if my main life's choices are still valid. I call that a "hiding in my shell" moment (see my June 2 blog). This brief period may also involve sadness in case of lack of progress on my goals. Sadness over expectations (see my August 14 blog) is typically more intense...

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