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Judging people

Tuesday last week, several people commented on my draft blog on Parenting. One of them included a nasty judgement about me without even knowing me. We live 2,000+ kilometers away. She claims she is my friend and even her brother. To me, her comment felt as betrayal of our (online) friendship. Her comment didn't hurt me though because you can only hurt someone with...

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“It’s a pity we can’t stay friends with everyone”

Some time ago, a friend made this Dutch comment: “En spijtig genoeg lukt het niet met iedereen om vrienden te blijven.” My title above is the English translation. She and I are still friends, although no longer lovers. Our friendship has always been stronger than our relationship. She is like the sister I never had. Generally, I tend to disagree with my friend’s...

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Sorry does not seem to be the hardest word anymore

A lot has changed since the 1976 hit song Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word by Elton John. Not for me, though. Saying sorry is still one of the hardest words for me. I keep telling people not to say sorry to me, unless they actually mean it. Saying sorry is just a habit for many people. There are several reasons why I prefer minimising the word sorry: The more you...

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Why do people apologize?

In 2015, I wrote my blog Apologies and the 7 reasons for non-apologists. A few days ago, I noticed an article in The Times of Israel, an online English language newspaper: What’s the point of an apology? It caught my interest as I seldom apologize. I only apologize when I mean it; not when it's politically correct. Moreover, it genuinely (sic!) irritates me when...

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Apologies and the 7 reasons for non-apologists

Apologising is hard, also for me. I really don't like it when I'm wrong. It is even worse to admit that I was wrong. Not in the office anymore since a brutal lesson from one of the senior audit partners. I still pity my colleagues in the adjacent rooms when David shouted at me. David said that I was my own worst enemy and he was absolutely right. It was one of my...

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Once in a while I get moody and reflect on the choices that I've made in life. And I ask myself if my main life's choices are still valid. I call that a "hiding in my shell" moment (see my June 2 blog). This brief period may also involve sadness in case of lack of progress on my goals. Sadness over expectations (see my August 14 blog) is typically more intense...

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