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Does your shadow ever leave you?

Our shadow is a nickname for our past and/or our reputation. Rephrasing my blog title's question results in: - Can you escape your past? (eg, guilt & shame, regret & remorse)- Can you change who and/or what you are? (eg, thief, murderer) A Google search revealed a Chinese Taoist story from an ancient book named after its author Master Zhuang Zhou. The book...

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Tweedeling in de samenleving

Enkele dagen geleden schreef een NRC nieuwsbrief over de ontstane tweedeling in de Nederlandse samenleving. Na enig nadenken geloof ik dat die opmerking inderdaad (nog) een voorbeeld is van een fundamentele verandering in de maatschappij van trialisme (de "all-inclusive" samenleving) naar dualisme (de "haves" versus de "have nots" c.q. winners vs losers). De...

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Is anger a sign of guilt or innocence?

Early September, I noticed a very interesting British Psychological Society (BPS) article: We Think Anger Is A Sign Of Guilt — But It May Actually Be A Better Sign Of Innocence. Actually, this question has been on my mind, once in a while. We may view others as guilty when they display anger, while we view ourselves as innocent when we are angered (eg, by a false...

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Anger management (2)

Lately, I've been wondering how to channel my anger. I know the (positive) solution: writing about it. There are other - negative - solutions, like resorting to violence. These solutions don't match my character. More and more, I'm understanding the link between (perceived) injustice and violence. Hence, a follow-up on my 2016 blog on anger management. My...

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Anger Management

A part of the former me returned yesterday, to my own surprise. I haven't felt angry since a long time. I have probably burned a bridge but I don't care. My anger related to a rejection. The rejection was politically correct but its timing infuriated me. The release of my anger took away my hurt over being rejected. I even feel better now. The only thing that still...

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Human Emotions (2) – a revisit

Human Emotions (2) – a revisit

Several of my 2016 blogs have made me realise that my blog of 12 April 2015, on the classification of human emotions, was in need of an overhaul. My earlier wish to classify human emotions through their facial expressions was too ambitious. Hence, facial expressions have now become output in this updated classification rather than input. Most positive and negative...

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