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Closure comes with a price

Last week, I finally received closure with someone. I lost my anger with that person but gained (brief) sadness. For me, that sadness relates to losing Hope. It's over now. In other situations, the price of closure may relate to Doubt, Fear or Love. Hence, my blog title: Closure comes with a price. In my view, I wasn't looking for closure. I was looking to protect...

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De mensen hebben gesproken

Op 22 november 2023 hebben de Nederlanders gesproken middels een rood potlood in het stemhokje. De uitkomst was een verrassing voor velen; óók voor mij. Slechts één verliezend politiek leider aanvaardde de consequenties (o.a. AD). VVD-stemmers morren reeds over de politiek leider (o.a. RTL). Afgelopen zondag brachten inwoners van Hong Kong hun stem uit. Ondanks...

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From Dutch anger to European anger?

Many articles claim that the 2023 Dutch general election results fit in a European trend, and will predict other forthcoming European general elections. I doubt that. If only, given the election results in Poland and Spain. In my view, the recent Dutch election results are not similar to Hungary. Most of all, the Dutch election results are a reckoning with Mark...

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Dutch explanations

Yesterday’s blog on the 2023 Dutch general election did not include any explanation. Today’s blog will. The main explanation is anger of Dutch voters towards PM Mark Rutte. Hence, all four parties that supported Rutte have lost votes: -24% (abs), -47% (rel), and -36 seats. This anger includes many topics, apart from the number of migrants and refugees. For me, it...

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Is criticism always personal?

Yes, criticism is always personal, despite what articles claim (eg, Quora). As a Receiver of criticism, we tend to fail to differentiate between Sender, Message, and Receiver (ie, us). There are exceptions because some Senders are skilled in delivering their Message of criticism. Hence, it makes sense that our response follows the 5 stages of processing grief a.k.a....

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Price elasticity of demand

"Despite the fastest inflation in decades, consumer spending has held up relatively well so far. But this may not last, and that’s where elasticity comes in. The price elasticity of demand, to use its full name, measures how sensitive buyers are to price changes." (NYT, 19 August 2022) Why has consumer spending held up so long? I think, feel and...

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