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Alt-Right vs woke-Left

Finding our goals in life

Usually, we do not think about finding our goals in life. Those goals arrive “automatically” and/or subconsciously. For nearly everyone, our primary goal is survival (eg, food, housing, water). For most of us, money is our secondary goal in life because money satisfies our needs and our wants. When our needs and our wants (in life) have been satisfied then finding...

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Milieudefensie versus ING Bank

Al wekenlang hoor ik de drammerige reclameboodschap van Milieudefensie tegen ING Bank. Ik had gehoopt dat ING een website zou starten voor de zwijgende meerderheid als reactie op deze luidruchtige minderheid (t.w. 16.001). Mijn wens was waarschijnlijk de vader van mijn gedachte (Ensie). De actie van Milieudefensie is het meest recente voorbeeld van een groeiende...

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Exit strategy (2)

I suppose that every commitment has an exit strategy. In Love, it’s called a breakup. In Knowledge, it’s about cancellations of contracts (eg, business, divorce, subscriptions). In Power, it’s about the exit of a member (eg, Brexit, Congress, NATO). Also see part 1 of this blog (2021). The idea for part 2 is the increasing sentiment for ending the (financial and...

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In several of its articles, British newspaper The Telegraph claims that centrism is dead (eg, 2019, 2021, 2022, 2023). That view makes sense because most Anglo-Saxon countries have bipartisan political systems (eg, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, USA). The (extreme) political turbulence in most of those bipartisan Anglo-Saxon countries makes you wonder if...

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The Dutch anti-woke backlash

Many international articles and Dutch liberal-left articles claim that the Dutch far-right has won. Those articles are wrong. If anything, there has been a Dutch anti-woke backlash. Most of all, against the four governments headed by Mark Rutte over the period 2010-2023. The winner is an extreme nationalist party, which has left-wing policies (eg, better...

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Finally: Dutch defragmentation

The most important - and overlooked - result of the 2023 Dutch General Election is a defragmentation. Small parties lost seats (-17) or even disappeared from Dutch Parliament (-2). All four government parties lost seats (-36). Left-wing parties lost seats (-14). Right-wing parties won the 2023 election. The biggest misconception is that a big Left-wing party (ie,...

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