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How to solve a growing economy and a declining workforce?

On 1 February 2022, the FT reported that "Japan’s population shrank by 630,000 people [in 2021], or one Luxembourg. Between now and 2040, it is forecast to have declined by a further 16mn, or one Cambodia." This news will be our new reality, following decades of doom messages on overpopulation. Labour shortages are already common, while the Covid-19 pandemic is...

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We invited an AI to debate its own ethics in the Oxford Union – what it said was startling (the Conversation)

The Conversation title: We invited an AI to debate its own ethics in the Oxford Union – what it said was startlingAuthors: Dr Alex Connock and Professor Andrew StephenDate: 10 December 2021 "Not a day passes without a fascinating snippet on the ethical challenges created by “black box” artificial intelligence systems. These use machine learning to figure...

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Humans Are Doomed to Go Extinct (Scientific American)

Introduction LO: I agree with Henry Gee's opinion below and recommend reading his arguments. The impact of a graying population (a.k.a. demographics) is already noticeable in the labour market. There's a shortage of workers in several sectors in many countries. There's some discussion about whether China's population is already in decline (eg, Financial Times-April...

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Go with the flow

A salmon lives in oceans or seas but returns to the place it was born in order to lay its eggs (ie, to spawn). That upstream river swim towards the spot where the salmon was born is so exhaustive that salmon "usually die after spawning" (source). I suppose this explains the human adage: go with the flow. Most of us adhere to that adage. At times, we don't like that...

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Why does history repeat?

Last week, the following thought entered my mind: Are all crises caused by human stupidity? If so, does that explain why history repeats? I'm inclined to say "yes" to both questions. In general, geological processes take (very) many thousands of years (eg, glacial periods, interglacial periods, magnetic pole reversal, ocean current reversal, Earth's wobble). There's...

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Secretive Body Leads Xinjiang’s AI Policing, Report Finds (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg title: Secretive Body Leads Xinjiang’s AI Policing, Report FindsDate: 19 October 2021 [Summary:] CCP body diminished elsewhere gets big remit to police Uyghurs Beijing says camps stop terrorism, ASPI lies for sponsors "A secretive Communist Party organ is taking an unusually hands-on role in directing a vast predictive policing effort in Xinjiang,...

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