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AI & robotics

Technology: a human tool but for how long?

The ongoing intense discussions on the threats of Artificial Intelligent robotics made me recently wonder the following question: is it even possible that technology will - once - no longer be a human tool? In such a situation, the human species might become the tool of Technology. Human movies already "answered" my question. The 1984 film The Terminator features...

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How chatbots can make us dumber (Axios)

Introduction LO: Several sites require you to use a chatbot to “communicate” (eg, for cancellation of a subscription). These chatbots work best when you’re “rude” and “simple” by using a single word, like “cancellation”. The more words you use, the less likely it will understand your goal. Entire sentences seem like a nightmare to chatbots. The chatbot will continue...

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Why would I need or want AI??

Late August, Google invited me to start using Bard (for Local Guides) as I sometimes write reviews. I ignored their invitation. I have no clue why I would need and/or want Artificial Intelligence (AI) for my writing. I do, however, believe in AI for business-to-business (B2B) and even B2C purposes, like AI-4-GP. I had forgotten about this topic until the Washington...

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Natural Stupidity vs Artificial Intelligence

Introduction LO: This comparison makes logical sense. If and when human stupidity is society's default then artificial stupidity (eg, PS-2023, Tilburg University-2022) would make (much) more sense than artificial intelligence. Today, it's impossible that technology would be more intelligent than humans. Source: my 2017 blog Human intelligence includes 4 areas: Known...

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Recently, Belgian newspaper De Standaard asked an intriguing question: Is a bubble scenario looming for artificial intelligence? Their question came as a surprise. Probably, because AI and robotics already play an important role in automotive. The bubble felt (very) different. Source: my June 12 blog Please see my SWOT analysis on artificial intelligence, as...

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EU looks to ban companies from making sensitive tech in China (Politico)

Politico Europe title: EU looks to ban companies from making sensitive tech in China Politico subtitle: Brussels moves to create new powers to clamp down on companies outsourcing key supply chains to autocratic countries. By: JAKOB HANKE VELA and BARBARA MOENSDate: 20 June 2023 "BRUSSELS — The EU on Tuesday revealed plans to prevent European...

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