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How to deal with someone’s denial

"Overcoming denial often depends on the nature of the problem. People often come to terms with the reality of a situation on their own given time and support." (source). I suppose this answer is valid. Still, by not challenging someone's denial, it may/will feel like denying someone's denial. In my past, I would confront someone's denial. I used to believe that...

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Life is a roundabout (2)

I still remember the day when I noticed a strange and unfamiliar structure ahead of me: my first roundabout. I was confused and didn't know what to do. It had never appeared during my driving lessons. I followed the cars in front of me, and stayed one or two full laps on it. Finally, I dared to exit. In the roundabout of Life, I used a first exit towards Knowledge,...

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Priority vs option

In several situations, you may experience an unpleasant and subconscious feeling: being someone's option rather than her/his/their priority. These situations may relate to: family (eg, children, relationship), leisure (eg, friendship), love (eg, dating), sports, study, and/or work (eg, jobs). This unpleasant feeling relates to some of my recent blogs: Feeling...

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The collective human memory loss

A friend has been hammering me on our European collective memory loss. His views are correct though incomplete. The entire human race "suffers" from a collective memory loss. Psychology articles claim this is an evolutionary advantage (eg, BT-2023). It enables us to be survivors and not victims. There is an "exception" to the above. Several scientific articles argue...

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Dirty laundry

Why would anyone want to display her/his dirty laundry in public?? Merriam-Webster on dirty laundry: "private matters whose public exposure brings distress and embarrassment". The reasons that I can think of are both positive (ie, Love) and negative (eg, hate, revenge & retaliation). The British media focus on my negative explanations. My perspective is...

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If love is the answer, what was the question?

Recently, I noticed this question: If love is the answer, what was the question? It intrigued me to find that question. After some contemplation, I answered with the following question: What's the meaning of life? The ancient Roman philosopher Titus Pomponius Atticus (110 BC-32 BC) seems to agree with me. source, see #33 As also mentioned in earlier blogs, our...

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