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Hoezo woningnood?

Voorwoord LO Deze recente opinie uit de Volkskrant getuigt van veel pragmatisme en weinig ideologie. Mijn complimenten aan schrijver Ton van Rietbergen. In 2022 publiceerde diezelfde Volkskrant nog een zwaar ideologisch artikel op een soortgelijk onderwerp: Kent...

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Collective stupidity vs individual wisdom

My latest blogs were about ideology versus reality. It occurred to me that this difference may provide a fundamental explanation for collective stupidity vs individual wisdom. Before, I assumed that pragmatism was the antidote for ideology. My latest insights are in...

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Ideology vs reality

There's a Dutch saying that translates like the shore will stop the ship (ie, #16). There's no English equivalent. To some extent, it means that you can only push someone or things so far before they break (eg, source). I was reminded of this saying after reading that...

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How to deal with someone’s denial

"Overcoming denial often depends on the nature of the problem. People often come to terms with the reality of a situation on their own given time and support." (source). I suppose this answer is valid. Still, by not challenging someone's denial, it may/will feel like...

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Gaat de combi van GL+PvdA het CDA achterna?

In 1980 ontstond het CDA als fusiepartij van ARP, CHU en KVP met 49 zetels. Van 1986 tot 1989 kon Ruud Lubbers het CDA nog laten groeien tot 54 zetels. Daarna ging het bergafwaarts. In de huidige TK-2023 peilingen heeft het CDA nog maar 3 tot 6 zetels van die 54...

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Faith versus ideology

Recently, Pope Francis made an intriguing comment about faith versus ideology: “In other words, ideologies replace faith.” See National Review, 28 August 2023: Pope Francis Says ‘Reactionary’ U.S. Catholic Church Has Replaced Faith with ‘Ideology’. It's intriguing...

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Growth: what goes up must come down

Growth refers to many different topics: body, brain, business, cancer, climate, economy, ethics, inflation, politics, population, and the Universe. We use many different adjectives to describe growth, like: absolute, actual, historical, marginal, projected, relative....

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The road to hell is paved with good intentions

My blog title has been on my list of topics for some time. I didn’t know how to address it. The recent news about a nurse, being a Female Serial Killer (eg, Guardian, 24 August), changed my perspective. This excerpt bothered me though: “babies who were grievously...

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Tainted love

Recently, I had a weird experience following a conversation with a new friend from Argentina. She told me that her grandfather was born in Belgium. When I researched his name, a shady past emerged from various sources. I assumed she knew. She did not, despite some...

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