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Tech and Geopolitical Cycles (GPF)

GeoPolitical title: Tech and Geopolitical Cycles By: George Friedman (eg, Wiki) Date: 24 January 2023 "There have been seemingly endless reports of massive layoffs in the tech industry. Partly they are due to economic circumstances, of course, but overlooked in the...

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Boredom vs curiosity

Lately, I've been watching movies or series, either on streaming media or on TV, that are boring. However, boredom is a prerequisite for curiosity, either external (ie, through our senses) or internal (ie, inside your mind). See my blogs on boredom versus curiosity. I...

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Consciousness, a known unknown

On 29 December 2022, Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant published an interesting interview on consciousness with Dutch cardiologist Pim van Lommel. In his view, "there is no life after death, but there is continuity of consciousness" (my translation). His opinion would...

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Feeling ignored

Recently, I dreamt about being ignored. The evening before, something happened that may well have triggered that dream. Feeling ignored may, however, be misguided as not everyone pays immediate attention. Ghosting is a modern name of deliberately ignoring virtual...

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China’s giant downshift (Axios)

Axios Markets title: China's giant downshift By: Matt Phillips Date: 18 January 2023 “China's economy posted its second-slowest year of economic growth since 1976, another indication the post-COVID world economy could be vastly different from the decades that...

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What’s slowing down science (Axios)

Axios Science: What's slowing down science By: Alison Snyder Date: 13 January 2023 "Discoveries that push science in new directions are happening less often than they did in the last century, according to a new finding that will frame debates about how (and...

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Dirty laundry

Why would anyone want to display her/his dirty laundry in public?? Merriam-Webster on dirty laundry: "private matters whose public exposure brings distress and embarrassment". The reasons that I can think of are both positive (ie, Love) and negative (eg, hate, revenge...

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