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Inflation? Recession? Both?

I borrowed my title from a recent Reuters email. The combination of a (small) recession and (high) inflation does not make logical sense. Stagflation would make sense. This combination is, however, a rare phenomenon. Usually, it's either a recession or inflation and...

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Russia’s got problems (Axios)

Axios Markets title: Russia's got problems By: Matt Phillips and Emily Peck Date: 25 July 2022 "Sanctions have been effective at crippling the Russian economy. That's the conclusion of a new 118-page paper from Yale's Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and 18...

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The Fed’s rocky new dynamics (Axios)

Axios Markets title: The Fed's rocky new dynamics By: Neil Irwin and Courtenay Brown Date: 25 July 2022 "A new attack on the Federal Reserve from Sen. Elizabeth Warren is an early sign the central bank faces a rocky path ahead in navigating politics. It will...

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Crisis here. Crisis there. Crisis everywhere.

Late last century, international businesses stopped using the word 'problem'. People had gotten fed up hearing it. Hence, new words arrived describing the very same; mostly challenge and issue. In 2022, it seems that every single problem has become a crisis or even a...

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Is ‘false knowledge’ an oxymoron?

Recently, a friend sent me a quote by George Bernard Shaw (see image below). That quote puzzled me. Something felt wrong. Then I realized it's an oxymoron: "a figure of speech that juxtaposes concepts with opposing meanings within a word or phrase that creates an...

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My recent blog on compensation did not mention the word above: recognition. These topics could, however, be related for some but not necessarily. My writing (2014-today) started as therapeutic following my 2013 burnout and subsequent depression. I doubt it now relates...

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The media are the virus in our society

Early June 2022, I published my blog Media = virus, which was still mostly about Covid-19. For two years, the media played played a very divisive role in society. Governments adopting a macro view were criticized (eg, Sweden). Every government attempt to moderate...

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Dimensions: spacetime and assumed others (2)

On 19 May 2017, I published part 1 of this blog. In 2021, I wrote two updates: (i) Is consciousness a dimension not limited by space and time? and (ii) The SpaceTime dimension and the alternate Energy-Matter dimension. In 2022, this topic has returned several times....

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A big economic mystery (Axios)

Axios Macro title: A big economic mystery By: Neil Irwin and Courtenay Brown Date: 18 July 2022 "Usually two of the most important indicators of economic health move together: GDP and jobs. More work means more activity that leads to more stuff getting made....

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