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Thousands of scientists urge end to ‘devastating’ lockdowns

Washington Times title: Thousands of scientists urge end to 'devastating' lockdowns WT subtitle: Document cites impact on public health, calls for 'focused protection' Date: 8 October 2020 "About 15,000 scientists and doctors worldwide have signed a newly created document urging an end to pandemic lockdowns, arguing that the policies aimed at curtailing the novel...

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De balans tussen economie en gezondheid is zoek

5 oktober 2020Geachte heer Van der Staaij, Beste Kees, De stampij over de kerkdiensten in Staphorst, die volgens de officiële regels verliepen, is de omgekeerde wereld. In plaats van extra vrijheden voor andere sectoren, willen de Haagse "moraal" ridders nu dat Staphorst zich aanpast aan Nederland. Langzaam glijden we in een situatie waarbij Nederland stil komt te...

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Desperately seeking

For several months, I've been wondering why so many of my emerging relationships were failing so quickly. I thought about blaming my new region but that doesn't seem to make much sense. I thought about blaming myself, as I'm the only constant in these stories. Given the various reasons for the break-ups, I assumed that explanation to be irrelevant. Late August, a...

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Randomness vs interconnectedness

Several weeks ago, I made a note for a new blog: does randomness even exist? The more I think of randomness, the less I believe that it exists. I believe in interconnectedness instead: everything is connected, even if we do not see it (yet), or do not understand it (yet). Over time, science fills in the remaining blank spots. Climate change offers an...

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The only thing we have to fear is fear itself (2)

A Brazilian friend has been in a voluntary coronavirus lockdown for almost 5 months. She is afraid. Brazil has nearly 60,000 deaths. That is a fatality rate of 0.028% on a population of almost 210 million - or 28 in 100,000 people. The Spanish flu of 1918 had a fatality rate of some 4.5% - or 1 in 22 people. How does the Brazilian fatality rate compare to...

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Moral clarity (2)

Moral clarity (2)

Sunday's blog gave me some clarity on moral clarity (sic!). For some time, I've been considering why morality is taking over from other debating arguments, like objectivity. Initially, I considered that the need for using moral clarity as an argument, might stem from a lack of other answers. It's more complicated than that and more simple as well....

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