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Russia’s got problems (Axios)

Axios Markets title: Russia's got problems By: Matt Phillips and Emily Peck Date: 25 July 2022 "Sanctions have been effective at crippling the Russian economy. That's the conclusion of a new 118-page paper from Yale's Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and 18 co-authors, Axios' Felix Salmon writes. Why it matters: The big question about Russia sanctions is...

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The media are the virus in our society

Early June 2022, I published my blog Media = virus, which was still mostly about Covid-19. For two years, the media played played a very divisive role in society. Governments adopting a macro view were criticized (eg, Sweden). Every government attempt to moderate restrictions was ridiculed. Cartoon by Garrick Tremain (eg, source) The media has learned from this but...

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Shortages everywhere but plenty of opinions

These are weird times. You can feel it (see below). Something is about to change. With the knowledge of hindsight, that change will (undoubtedly) make sense to us. To date, I still cannot grasp the direction of such change. Is it possible that the abundance of opinions is due to that feeling of change? Labour shortages are the talk of the town. These labour...

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What is Power?

Recently, I noticed this question: What is Power? The answer seems obvious but is it really? In the animal world, power is often about physical power or strength. Nevertheless, the big, slow and smart elephants appear powerful (eg, trumpet sounds). Clearly, even a projection of power equals Power. Compared to humans, many animals have more strength (eg, harder,...

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Gerontocracy and demographics

Late June 2022, the Times published an article: How Britain became a gerontocracy. Its subtitle was: "The pensions boost is further proof that Britain is run for the benefit of the older generation — paid for by the young". My April 2019 blog had predicted this: The future Great Divide between generations. The cause appears to be quite simple: demographics and the...

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Happiness, satisfaction & love: micro vs macro

Happiness and satisfaction are essential in our lives. Add love and our life is complete. See my related blogs. Is the opposite also true? Dissatisfaction and unhappiness are key ingredients for a burnout. Today's societies seem governed by dissatisfaction, unhappiness & hate. What does that imply? For years, I've viewed (dis)satisfaction and (un)happiness at a...

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