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Going back to my roots?

For quite some time, I've been struggling with the thought above. Perhaps, the ultimate conclusion is that I do not belong here. There is no match on several criteria. Some five years ago, I considered my then-imminent relocation as temporary, before hopping abroad (eg, Italy). For several months, I have been resisting the idea of going back to my roots (below). I...

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Why do we enjoy Schadenfreude?

On May 9, the Dutch entry for the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest did not make the finals. Before, there was lots of gloating. Several languages have sayings, like Schadenfreude (German), “The misfortune of others tastes like honey” (Japan), joie maligne (French), or geen beter vermaak dan leedvermaak (Dutch). So, why do we experience pleasure at the misfortune of...

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En toen kwam jij …….

Al heel lang staat er een onderwerp op mijn lijst, waarvan ik niet wist wat ik ermee aan moest: en toen kwam jij ..... Het leek nergens op te slaan tot die zondag in april. Ik hoorde jou zeggen dat je een vriend voor het leven zoekt. Dat zette me aan het denken. Diezelfde nacht viel het kwartje. De volgende dag ben ik je gaan zoeken. Het duurde niet heel lang...

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Stairway to heaven

Stairway to Heaven (1971) by Heart (2012) a 2012 tribute towards Led Zeppelin band, lyrics, video, Wiki-band, Wiki-song Note: all markings (bold, italic, underlining) by LO unless in quotes or stated otherwise.

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Washington isn’t listening to business on China any more (FT)

INTRODUCTION LO: The FT opinion below is an interesting, valid analysis that is worth reading. Until 2020, I would - probably - have agreed with the conclusions below. In my 2019 update of the 7 Belief systems (eg, 2015 original), I had even removed Politics from its Power domain. The subsequent Chinese political crackdown on various business sectors made me...

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Geopolitics in time

Power might be the most dominant human force. Not only in individuals (ie, micro) but also in groups, nations, and - more recently in human history - also in blocs (ie, macro). The belief systems in the Power domain are Money, Politics, Religion (out in 2019), and Technology (new in 2019). My diagram does not show the Power conquests by individuals (eg, Crusades,...

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