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One of the most annoying expressions, in my view, is the following: I am entitled to ...... (eg, a house, a job, migration, service). Often, these people believe they have a right to something (or someone), and usually without having duties (eg, good behaviour, good intentions). In Putin's view, Russia is entitled to former Soviet republic territories, like Ukraine,...

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The reverse currency wars have begun (Axios Macro)

Axios Macro: The reverse currency wars have begun By: Neil Irwin Date: 21 June 2022 "In the early 2010s, there was lots of talk about "currency wars" — the claim that major world central banks were in a race to the bottom with interest rates, competitively devaluing their nations' currencies to try to seize an economic advantage. Now, that has been turned on...

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Fact check: did universal health care prevent corona deaths?

Introduction LO: The Netherlands has Universal Health Care. USA does not. Hence, a comparison makes sense. Dimensions: Population:Cumulative deaths:in % of population:savings claim in article:claim in % of population:revised mortality % US of America: 330 million1 million0.3%300,000+0.09%< 0.21% The Netherlands: 17.6 million40,0000.23% About half of the Covid-19...

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Why do we have labour shortages?

Recently, someone said to me - jokingly - that I am an example why we have labour shortages. Indeed, one could argue that I could work and that I do not work. However, my (post 2013 burnout) situation is already lasting for nearly 10 years. The post-Covid-19 situation is only since 2022. Where did all workers go? Clearly, the 2020-2022 Covid-19 fatalities do not...

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Identity vs Power: dialects

The Hague is the Dutch seat of power while Amsterdam is its capitol. The further you move away from The Hague, the more dialect you will hear. First quantity, then intensity. I suppose geographical distance from Power increases the need for Identity. Dialects must be the earliest example of Identity vs Power. Last Thursday evening, I did not understand a local...

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Art vs Science

Some decades ago, there was a discussion in my audit profession whether auditing is an art or a science. Given the audit tools that are being developed nowadays, I suppose people would argue that auditing is a science. In my view, auditing is an art. These tools just make it harder, better, faster, stronger. Last week, I told my son that negotiating is an art; not a...

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