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Do men get jealous?

Yes indeed but my question highlights a huge difference between men and women. Psychology Today-2019: “Although jealousy is a feeling experienced universally and regardless of gender, “She’s just jealous” is stated far more frequently to young girls than young boys.” As far as I can remember, jealousy only happened to me once in my lifetime. The (only) reason that I...

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Weird thoughts

Last Wednesday morning, I woke up early due to the morning sunlight and weird thoughts. I wanted to escape that “dream” as it annoyed me. It was about working for a very disorganised and/but attractive woman. I suppose my loyalty towards her prevented me from refusing that work. This work related “dream” was not about (my) fear. Usually, those dreams are about (my)...

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Welke “Ruk naar Rechts”?

De grootste verrassing van 6 juni 2024 was de afwezigheid van een grote verrassing, zoals in Nederland op 22 november 2023. De verwachte “Ruk naar Rechts” (in de media) viel mij heel erg mee. Eigenlijk had ik meer anti-Europees sentiment verwacht. Rusland zal daarom teleurgesteld zijn. De afstraffing van de Franse president is misschien de uitzondering. Hij is...

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What happened to liberal conservatism?

My title has been borrowed from a recent FT article on their formerly liberal conservatives a.k.a. Tories. My initial gut feeling was that liberal conservatives are now illiberal conservatives. The same argument also applies to the American Republican conservatives. For many years, the word liberal has been an American insult. Nowadays, it’s slowly becoming a...

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Is democracy the worst form of government, except for all others?

China and Russia often criticise and/or ridicule Western democracy (eg, recent Bloomberg article following Trump’s felony conviction). The surge in Western nationalism is somewhat related to that criticism. In my view, it’s (indeed) rather easy to criticise democracy but how about its alternatives?? On 11 November 1947, Winston Churchill (1874-1965) made the...

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“Ethiopians do not feel African”

Some months ago, a Kenyan friend made this comment to me. In 2012, I felt the same after a girl walked inside a local Kenyan restaurant. She was very tall, very slim, a very high neck, surrounded by several necklaces. Apparently, she was a famous Ethiopian model. After doing some research, it appears that Ethiopians may indeed have an important argument for not...

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