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Study challenges evolutionary theory that DNA mutations are random

Introduction LO: I've written several blogs about the existence of a blueprint in evolution, nature and life. Hence, this UC Davis study and Phys article came as a welcome gift. I'm still waiting for a study that shows that this non-randomness of DNA mutations is caused by a blueprint as carried by viruses. This should only be a matter of time given that biologists...

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From pandemic to endemic

On 10 January 2022, the Spanish PM urged Europe to treat Covid-19 as a more endemic illness following the Omicron variant (eg, VOA, Bloomberg, NYT). In more simple words: "Just treat it like the flu" (Fortune). This news must have alerted the people with a micro and a macro perspective (my blogs on micro vs macro). People with a micro view will be confused as they...

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How did we get so far??

In yesterday's blog, stagflation vs inflation, I finally put in writing that what has been bugging me for a long time: "It’s a miracle (to me) that we have come so far despite the abundance of human stupidity." One could argue that the interglacial period following the Last Glacial Maximum allowed us to rewrite human history, given the worldwide destruction due to...

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Stagflation versus inflation

It was inevitable that inflation would also occur in the consumer price index (CPI). Before, it caused substantial price increases in assets (eg, houses). Remarkably, asset price inflation is typically viewed as a (paper) profit rather than as inflation. To a large extent, this is because of the CPI methodology and accounting rules. The main culprits are (i) the...

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