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Why do we sabotage our own success?

My blog title has been borrowed from a recent article in the online magazine Aeon. I did wonder about this question as well, given some of my actions. In my early 2022 blog Self-sabotaging, I had assumed that self-sabotage was about conscious versus subconscious.

The problem is that nobody knows what consciousness is because it remains a scientific mystery. The author of the Aeon article writes something that felt very familiar (to me): “[] something strange began to happen inside my head”. Unfortunately, I blurted those words and hurt someone.

My 2021 diagram below shows an interesting connection between various of my concepts:

In my view, that interconnectedness is as follows:

  1. Body > Needs > Words > Attitude;
  2. Mind > Wants > Deeds > Behaviour;
  3. Soul > Beliefs > Intentions > Personality.

Our self-sabotage relates to the first line and fast thinking. The second line may relate to slow thinking. The third line is a known unknown.

Source: 2021 Conceptual Framework

The above may explain the how, what, when, where & who but I still doubt the why. Perhaps, the first line (ie, Body > Needs > Words > Attitude) is about primal consciousness and/or emotion. The first line is not about logic and/or ratio. Perhaps, it’s about the 4 levels of consciousness after all.

Grenade (2010) by Bruno Mars

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