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Tunnel vision

Recently, I viewed some (police) detective TV show and suddenly wondered if we all suffer from a tunnel vision in our lives: “a tendency to think only about one thing and to ignore everything else”. The aforementioned Brittanica description suggests that we do indeed.

Early 2021, I prepared my diagram below. Let’s suppose that we are inside the orange box, called Tunnel Vision. How and when would we know?? Do others need to tell us?? Driving through the “never-ending” Gotthard Road Tunnel (c.17 km) is already quite an experience.

I suppose that a tunnel vision could – and thus would – apply to all three dimensions in our lives: Love, Knowledge & Power. Examples: (1) continued trouble inside relationships (Love), (2) prevention of viruses (Knowledge), and (3) American decoupling from China (Power).

Example 2 might be the easiest to explain given time elapsed. Since Covid-2019, we (should) have learned that prevention of viruses is impossible. We must live with viruses and accept their role in our lives. Also see my 2020 blog: Mission, goals, strategy, tactics and operations of viruses.

Example 3 is the hardest: is decoupling actually a tunnel vision? Replacing decoupling for nationalism does not help the answer. Brexit was about decoupling (from the EU) and nationalism. Since 2024, a majority in the UK of c.55% believes that Brexit was wrong (source). It continues to be a tunnel vision.

How and when would you know that your relationship is inside a tunnel?? I suppose the best indicator would be the existence of a dilemma. Further indicators are the absence of a new approach, and/or the absence of dissolving a relationship. I suppose my analysis has answered my question.

Tunnel of Love (1981) by Dire Straits
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