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Need for Speed

During my second sleep of last Tuesday night, I became convinced that I had an unfinished blog, called Need for Speed. That was it. No further words. No idea about its contents. I decided to wake up early and started writing the first paragraph of this blog.

Later that day, I still failed to understand its message. Nowadays, speed is absent in my life. There is no need, want or belief in changing the pace in my life. My pre-2013 days are gone for good. I use rest, sleep and a lack of stress to prevent my 2013 burn-out from returning.

During my recent trip to Italy, I cancelled about half of my “scheduled” destinations. There was no need for speed. Speed prevents me from considering, thinking, etc. For some, that might be a solution; not for me. Slow thinking is what I need, want, and believe in.

The need in Need for Speed is still a mystery to me. Usually, we want speed (eg, speeding on highways). A need for speed is (only) relevant during escaping (eg, earthquake, eruption, flood, lightning). Such escapes seem rare exceptions in our (daily) lives.

A coffee-break made me realise that deadlines (eg, income tax return, projects) may represent a need for speed. Moreover, any appointment (eg, business, healthcare, personal) might give time constraints due to travelling and traffic jams. Usually, adequate planning solves those issues.

Then I remembered I once had a computer game called Need for Speed. Its relevance is still a mystery to me. Despite my elaboration above, I fail to understand the “message” during my second sleep. Computer games have been irrelevant to me for decades.

Perhaps this blog will once be continued. Probably not, however.

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