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When (and how) to believe compulsive liars??

In principle, my blog title is a contradiction in terms. Hence, the answer to my question above might well be: never. Still, some compulsive liars will allow us to use a (simple) technique, like reverse speech. I suppose that most liars are (much) more sophisticated.

In my view, nearly everything that Donald Trump says is the (exact) opposite of facts or objective truths. Wiki: “During and after his term as President of the United StatesDonald Trump made tens of thousands of false or misleading claims.” Hence, reverse speech actually works.

Like many Russians, its president is very skilled in lying. Also see my 2019 blog: Why is lying a Russian habit? The Russian president lied for many months that Russia would not invade Ukraine, while building a Russian army at the Ukraine border. Only useful idiots, like Nigel Farage, “believe” that the EU provoked Russia (eg, BBC, CNN).

Several people regard a well-known American CEO as the most compulsive liar or even as a pathological liar. In my view, his excessive exaggeration indeed comes (very) close to lying. There’s a (legal) difference though. That difference allows him to win the weirdest of cases (eg, BBC-2019).

A former girlfriend might qualify as a compulsive liar. Over the years, I’m still not sure who she (really) is. Whenever I think she’s lying, and question her, she is quick to change her story, and confuse me. Her motto might well be: If you can’t convince them, confuse them, my 2019 blog.

While reverse speech is rather simple, reverse psychology is often (very) complex. Reverse psychology is intended to create self-doubt. This tool uses continued reiteration of blame (on you). At some point in time, your self-doubt gets weirdly strong. Believing in yourself is the only remedy against those compulsive liars.

Recently, a friend told me about someone who might also be a compulsive liar. His arrogance makes him say verifiable lies, which is rather stupid for any liar. He gets (very) angry when his lies are proven wrong. Apparently, his arrogance also makes him underestimate his opponents.

Last but not least, any (proven) lie is a warning for everyone because people who lie often have a habit of lying.

Would I Lie to You? (1992) by Charles & Eddie
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