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Weird thoughts

Last Wednesday morning, I woke up early due to the morning sunlight and weird thoughts. I wanted to escape that “dream” as it annoyed me. It was about working for a very disorganised and/but attractive woman. I suppose my loyalty towards her prevented me from refusing that work.

This work related “dream” was not about (my) fear. Usually, those dreams are about (my) doubt and fear, like: did I forget my overdue invoicing as a contractor? Such dreams are never about hope (and/or love). Sometimes, I’m convinced that I forgot my invoicing. Then I remember, my last day at work was in 2013.

This “dream” was not fearful but unpleasant because I failed to find a solution for her very disorganised business life. Hence, her disorganisation was very likely to become my disorganisation. The emerging stress made me wake up – and escape those weird thoughts. I felt relieved.

Sometimes, my strange thoughts are occurring during the day. Usually, those thoughts are not suited for disclosure. I suppose our subconsciousness stores such unknown unknowns (my 2023 blog); also see my related 2016 blog Unknown unknowns – dreams.

Inspiration might be the (positive) result of those weird thoughts; fantasy as well. Hence, I suppose those weird thoughts are an (evolutionary) advantage for most people. Unfortunately, a (very) small percentage of us lives by their weird and bad thoughts (eg, my 2023 blog).

An ancient concept in Zoroastrianism (2nd millennium BCE – today); also see Wiki and this source for the image above.

Strange thoughts (2023) by Bobby DeMario
artist, lyrics in video, video, no Wikipedia

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