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“Ethiopians do not feel African”

11 June 2024


Some months ago, a Kenyan friend made this comment to me. In 2012, I felt the same after a girl walked inside a local Kenyan restaurant. She was very tall, very slim, a very high neck, surrounded by several necklaces. Apparently, she was a famous Ethiopian model.

After doing some research, it appears that Ethiopians may indeed have an important argument for not feeling African, despite their black / dark skin colour. Ethiopians descend from the Sumerian civilisation, who “descended from heaven” (line 1 of Sumerian King List).

Moreover, the Sumerian civilisation (probably) used Africans to work in their goldmines; also see the 1885 novel King Solomon’s Mines. King Solomon was a descendant of the (black) patriarch Abraham (eg, Wiki). I suppose that is why Ethiopians – and Arabs – often view and treat Africans as servants.

Moreover, in 615-616 AD, the then-ruler of the Kingdom of Aksum (now: Ethiopia and Eritrea; then: Abyssinia) offered refuge to the prophet Muhammad, after threats to his life. As a reward, the prophet Muhammad ordered his followers that their protectors were not to be touched (eg, attacked).

Nowadays, about 2% of the Israeli population are (black) Ethiopian Jews. In my view, Sumerian descendants feels more appropriate than Ethiopian Jews.

The father of Sumerian King Nimrod, who threatened to kill patriarch Abraham, was Cush, who “was the oldest son of Ham and a grandson of Noah”. Wiki: “Cush is traditionally considered the ancestor of the “Land of Cush” [ ] “Cush is identified in the Bible with the Kingdom of Kush or ancient Aethiopia.”

In my view, the above explains why the suddenly emerging Sumerian civilisation in Mesopotamia around 5000 BC is probably from north-east Africa (eg, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia). They escaped the emerging Sahara desert, formerly known as the Green Sahara.

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