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Do men get jealous?

Yes indeed but my question highlights a huge difference between men and women. Psychology Today-2019: “Although jealousy is a feeling experienced universally and regardless of gender, “She’s just jealous” is stated far more frequently to young girls than young boys.”

As far as I can remember, jealousy only happened to me once in my lifetime. The (only) reason that I can remember was my extreme feeling of jealousy. I felt that another woman was trying to seduce my then-girlfriend. Afterwards, it appeared that my gut feeling had been right.

I cannot remember any other feeling of jealousy. To some extent, some women have complained about my lack of jealousy. I’ve never viewed jealousy as a compliment to a woman. In my view, jealousy is a weakness in male characters. I believe in my strengths.

My latter remark may explain the huge difference between male and female jealousy. Probably, men prefer to fight in order to settle any (emerging) feelings of jealousy. Actually, my jealousy resulted in a feeling of extreme rage that I could barely control.

It’s rare to see women fight each other. I have never seen it, apart from on TV. To some extent, jealousy matches with the (human) fawn response: “to try and win favor by flattering” (source). In my view, men seldom flatter each other. In my view, female flattering often does not feel genuine.

The title of the John Lennon song below is slightly misleading: “In its rewritten form, the song serves as a confessional in which Lennon addresses the feelings of inadequacy that resulted in pain for those he loved.” (Wiki)

Jealous Guy (1971) by John Lennon
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