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Mission accomplished

Last Saturday, a blog title entered my mind: mission accomplished. That feeling resulted from my 3-week trip to Italy, which ended last Friday. Actually, several blog titles have passed my mind during my trip but those only made it to my list of potential topics. This one feels different.

On 1 May 2003, the (then) US President made a televised speech on an aircraft carrier, in front of a banner stating: Mission Accomplished (Wiki). With the knowledge of hindsight, he was wrong. The same may well apply to my (present) gut feeling: I might be wrong.

So, what exactly did I accomplish??

First and foremost, I feel home again; see Michael Kiwanuka song below. Somehow, that feeling had seemed like slipping away from me. My trip was about finding an answer(s) to its Why. I suppose it was about boredom and about curiosity.

Secondly, I still love Italy but I will not emigrate there. I doubt Italy will ever become my home for several reasons, like language and the quality of Italian houses. I overheard foreigners complaining about the mould. That may explain the (common) G-energy certification of (expensive) Italian houses.

Thirdly, the village of Panicale is indeed what I hoped for, after viewing the 2022 BBC First TV series Signora Volpe, starring Emilia Fox. Apparently, quite some English people felt the same way. Americans chose for nearby Cortona, following the 1996 book, and 2003 movie Under the Tuscan Sun; see IMDb.

Fourthly, I need an activity because having stopped writing resulted into (too) much emptiness. My Italian trip made that (very) clear. Obviously, resuming my writing would be a solution. I noticed the emptiness in the existence of several senior Italian people, and also in foreigners residing there.

Finally, my main question was – and is – about my (current) goal(s) in life. That part of my mission seems still unresolved.

Home Again (2012) by Michael Kiwanuka
artist, lyrics, video, Wiki-artist, Wiki-album+song

Home again, home again
One day I know I’ll feel home again
Born again, born again
One day I know I’ll feel strong again

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