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Finding our goals in life

Usually, we do not think about finding our goals in life. Those goals arrive “automatically” and/or subconsciously. For nearly everyone, our primary goal is survival (eg, food, housing, water). For most of us, money is our secondary goal in life because money satisfies our needs and our wants.

When our needs and our wants (in life) have been satisfied then finding goals (in life) becomes different. I suppose that our beliefs then become essential. Our beliefs are always about these three dimensions: Love, Knowledge, and Power.

Power represents an (extreme) belief in Money, Politics, and/or Religion. Some (extreme) countries combine Politics and Religion. Often, Money supports the winner; usually Politics. In many Western countries, our belief in Religion has already been replaced by a belief in Technology.

Knowledge represents an (extreme) belief in Philosophy (eg, antisemitism, nationalism, White Supremacy), Science (eg, climate denialism, eco-terrorism), and/or the Truth (eg, conspiracy thinkers). This dimension seems limited to (extreme) individuals; not to countries.

Love also represents (extreme) beliefs. Love is a container term that can be explained by the ancient Greek words for Love, like agape (divine), eros (romantic), philia (friendship), storge (family), philautia (self-love vs narcissism), pragma (enduring commitment), and xenia (hospitality vs xenophobia).

Quite often people find their (later) goals in life through those three (dimensional) beliefs: Love (eg, sexual identities), Knowledge (eg, alt-Right and woke-Left activists), and Power (eg, greed, political and religious radicalism).

My remaining goals in life are related to the third dimension above: (i) a reconciliation with my daughter (storge), (ii) helping friends who deserve my time (philia), (iii) helping others through my writing (philia, xenia), and (iv) the unresolved items following yesterday’s blog.

Considering my (philosophical and political) aim for centrism, it seems likely that I should be looking at the third dimension for my unresolved items (eg, agape, eros, philautia).

Love Is All (1974) by Roger Glover & Guests, feat. Ronnie James Dio on vocals
artist-RG, artist-RJD, lyrics, video, Wiki-RG, Wiki-RJD, Wiki-song

[Verse 1]
Everybody’s got to live together
All the people got to understand
So love your neighbour like you love your brother
Come on and join the band

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