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Emptiness of existence

Last Monday’s blog mentioned the apparent emptiness of existence that I seemed to witness during my Italian trip. It scared – and still scares – me. Actually, I had already felt that notion during my 2014 trip to the Dominican Republic, my 2017 blog.

As far as I’m concerned, the emptiness of existence results from an absence of remaining goals in life. Hence, you are more likely to feel that notion in elderly people rather than any other age group. Given my own age (64), it’s another reason why that notion scares me.

Last week, I noticed several articles that deal with how to find your goals in life. I’m not sure about their relevance. Hence, I wrote yesterday’s blog about Finding our goals in life. That blog gives context rather than solutions. That context seems helpful for me, though, in finding the direction of a solution.

I can relate to the (translated) words in the Laura Pausini song below. Quite possibly that is a reason why Joan (1962-2016) urged me to continue writing. Writing gives me a goal in life, and is also helping others.

Without a goal in life, I fear the emptiness of existence. Finding a (new) job could (indeed) fill that existence but it’s not an option. To some extent, I’m balancing the fear for a (new) burn-out, and the fear for the emptiness of existence.

Another advice from Joan was to love myself (ie, philautia) because she knew about the high standards that I apply to myself. Each time that I make a “stupid” error or mistake, her (Dutch) words immediately come to me: be nice to yourself.

To some extent, my trip to Italy was about being nice to myself, and it worked out well. Hence, another reason for Monday’s blog mission accomplished.

In Assenza di Te (1998) by Laura Pausini
artist, lyrics, video, Wiki-artist, Wiki-song

And I miss you, my love
so much that I’d want to follow you too
And in absence of you
I’m filled with emptiness

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