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Can you heal from a burn-out?

I suppose my situation contradicts my gut-feeling. Technically, I’m healed from my 2013 burn-out. Usually, I apply an 18-month healing period. My gut-feeling, however, says you cannot really heal from it. You carry it with you.

In my view, a burn-out represents a breakdown of the Body, Mind & Soul triangle in our life. For all of us, that triangle is (very) flexible. Perhaps, it can even become a straight line. In such a situation, one of the three curves of that triangle becomes irrelevant (eg, Stephen Hawking’s body).

Our wish for survival is (usually) stronger than that breakdown. Hence, we need, want, and believe in restoring our Body, Mind & Soul triangle. In my view, our needs relate to our body, our wants relate to our mind, and our beliefs relate to our soul.

In my view, you can either repair your existing triangle, or build a new triangle. This dilemma is also known as the rebuild vs refurbish conundrum. I chose to build a new one because every layer in my Maslow hierarchy of needs was broken. Moreover, I could afford my choice and priorities in life.

I suppose that recurring burn-outs may well relate to people who decided to repair their existing triangle. In my view, repair may not / never be adequate. Unfortunately, many people cannot afford building a new triangle (eg, children, house, job, parents, sports, studies).

Why did I write that I’m technically healed?

In my view, my body and mind are fine again. I’m no longer unhappy and dissatisfied. However, my soul still carries that memory. Usually, it’s absent. However, stress has a habit of making that memory alive again. Nowadays, I associate stress with having a job. Hence, a new job is not an option for me.

Rebuilding my Body, Mind & Soul triangle (following my 2013 burn-out and subsequent 18 month depression) is one of the best decisions in my life. I’m blessed.

Count Your Blessings (2010) by Nas & Damian Marley
artist-DM, artist-Nas, lyrics, video, Wiki-DM, Wiki-Nas, Wiki-album+song

So I count my blessings
And give thanks to the master
That through all the disaster
We’re still here together after
Better count your blessings

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