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There’s no positivity without negativity

Recently, a friend made the comment above. She also said those feelings are like Yin and Yang. After a brief reflection, I realised its validity. Before, I had assumed those feelings were like waves, entering and exiting my life.

Nevertheless, my cycle and waves concept still fits the Wiki description below:

Yin and yang, also yinyang or yin-yang, is a concept that originated in Chinese philosophy, describing opposite but interconnected, self-perpetuating cycle. Yin and yang can be thought of as complementary (rather than opposing) forces that interact to form a dynamic system in which the whole is greater than the assembled parts.”

Source: Wikipedia but excluding footnote references

In my view, Yin and Yang are (ultimately) related to one of the fundamental principles in life, nature and the Universe: balance and symmetry. Also see my 2023 blog: Theory of Everything (3).

The more balance in life, the less likely there are high peaks and troughs in your life. I suppose that my aim of striving for balance, has resulted in low peaks and troughs in my life. Any intense moment has always been short. Even my 18-month depression was mostly inside my mind.

The more chaos in life, the more likely that there will be high peaks and deep troughs. Moreover, there will likely be an absence of an equilibrium – a.k.a. balance.

I’m just wondering if introspection will flatten peaks and troughs and bring balance. Similarly, peaks and troughs might be related to extraverts. It’s hard (for me) to imagine that you can change your personality. It seems impossible to me changing myself from an introvert into an extravert.

Actually, I do not believe in changing myself. Moreover, there’s no need and no want. Without beliefs, there’s no willpower to execute any change.

I suppose that I need to accept the moments of negativity in my life. Such negative moments always last short, and are not very intense. Positivity always returns into my life.

“Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution.”

A quote by an anonymous author but often misattributed to Albert Einstein (eg, Quora)

Positivity (2020) by Steffen Morrison
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Is All Within Your Reach
It’s matter over mind
Find the strength inside
Of me
Let’s turn it all around with

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