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The builder versus hunter/gatherer hypothesis

On 28 June 2023, a scientific article caused breaking news: The Myth of Man the Hunter: Women’s contribution to the hunt across ethnographic contexts. The article fitted well in (gender) discussions on men vs women. The outcome was simple: early women were hunters as well.

Usually, computer games show simple societies: from hunter/gatherer towards builders & soldiers towards megacities. However, buildings and militaries require advanced knowledge. Remote human societies – living in forests, poles or tundras – never show such technological developments.

A builder versus hunter/gatherer hypothesis is missing.

Studies fail to explain the various ancient megalithic structures around the world, including global pyramids and ziggurats. Perhaps because nobody can explain how we acquired sophisticated knowledge (eg, mathematics, trigonometry). Who built those ancient megalithic structures??

Hence, the usual scientific solution is to date ancient megalithic structures slightly after 5,000 BC (eg, 4500 BC) in order to give credit to the ancient Sumerian civilisation, living in Mesopotamia (eg, Babylon, Ur). However, those Sumerian “inventors” referred to more ancient, unknown, civilisations.

The much older Neanderthal civilisation (c.315,000-800,000 BC to c.40,000 BC) were long viewed as hunters, living in European caves. The long Neanderthal history coincides with the Sumerian King List that outlines a period of “241,200 years” before the Flood and “28,876 years” after the Flood.

The very first line of the Sumerian King List (SKL) is really intriguing: “After the kingship descended from heaven, the kingship was in Eridu.” Several authors have argued that this line implies that Sumerians descended from extraterrestrial astronauts about c.270,000 years ago.

I suppose that this very first SKL line will prevent scientists of proposing a builder versus hunter/gatherer hypothesis.

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