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Is Apple a monopoly??

Since about 2016, Google’s Android mobile operating system has a market share of over 70%. Apple’s market share is slightly below 30%. The remaining 1% belongs to several others. See graphs below.

source: StatCounter
source: StatCounter

Hence, the American (and European) accusation of monopolistic behaviour by Apple seems to make no logical or rational sense.

Might there be other reasons, like Apple’s impenetrable encryption against (eg, government) hacking??

The most important difference is that Apple controls both hardware (ie, iPhone) and software (ie, iOS). Google controls Android software while Samsung “controls” (all) hardware, which is mostly run by Google Android.

Another – though related – difference is that most mobile viruses are aimed at Google’s Android mobile operating system software, the market leader. Example from Forbes-2014: “Report: 97% Of Mobile Malware Is On Android. This Is The Easy Way You Stay Safe”. Note LO: markings in quote by me.

Apparently, it’s much more difficult targeting mobile viruses at Apple, which controls its hardware and its software. The American (and European) punishment court cases against Apple appears to be aimed at the best-in-class. Does that make any logical or rational sense?

The recent 24% drop in Apple’s 2024 iPhone sales in China might reveal a reason (eg, Reuters). Chinese customers are recommended to switch from American Apple to Chinese Huawei phones (a.o.). Interestingly, Chinese mobile phones are like Apple’s: Chinese hardware and software.

The 24% drop in Chinese Apple sales coincides with new security laws in China (eg, HRW, Reuters). I would not be surprised if the American (and European) punishment of Apple relates to Apple’s encryption. The solution (for Apple) might well be to bend towards Western security laws.

“With its lawsuit against Apple, the Justice Department focuses on outdated issues and irrelevant points, missing an opportunity to address more pressing concerns.”

Opening paragraph from Bloomberg’s newsletter on Apple issues, dated 24 March 2024

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