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Gender ideology

Early March 2024, Pope Francis stated that “gender ideology is the ugliest danger of our time” (eg, Vatican News). I’ve never viewed gender ideology as a danger or a threat. It merely confuses me as I fail to understand it.

In my view, gender ideology is a topic for the loud minority and irrelevant for the silent majority. Apparently, Pope Francis has a different perspective because he views that loud minority as a danger.

“Pope Francis on Friday again spoke out against gender theory describing it as an “ugly ideology of our time”, because it erases all distinctions between men and women. To cancel this difference “is to erase humanity. Man and woman, instead, exist in a fruitful ‘tension’”, he said.”

See first paragraph of Vatican News article of 1 March 2024; typo corrected by LO

In principle, any ideology is a potential danger or a threat. Hence, it’s always my aim to stay away from (most) ideologies.

Nevertheless, I do believe in certain (ideological) ideas, like the social market economy, and fundamental pillars like balance & symmetry, cooperation, duties, and faith (not religion). Also see my 2023 blog: Theory of Everything (3).

In my view, there’s no gender ideology in nature. Any ideology is driven by nurture (eg, family, friends, schools). Nevertheless, homosexuality is a natural phenomenon in animals and in humans.

Moreover, some animals can switch their gender (eg, El Pais). Some trees can also switch gender (eg, Nashville Tree Conservation Corps). I suppose such change capabilities relate to survival of a species.

Late 2018, I wrote my blog The 7 stages of Liberalism and gender ideology is related to #4 (ie, freedom to love whomever) and to #6 (ie, transhumanism). In 2004, philosopher Francis Fukuyama labelled transhumanism as the world’s most dangerous idea.

Gender ideology does not relate to human survival. The opposite (eg, extinction, stupidity, woke) makes more sense. In my view, gender ideology is only about a loud minority that will be short-lived.

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