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Does a Superpower need pragmatism?

Before Covid-19, many articles assumed that the Chinese economy would soon surpass the American economy. Even before Covid-19, I never believed that. Nowadays, many articles assume that China may never become an economic Superpower. As long as the CCCP rules, that new belief is valid.

Hence, my blog title: does a Superpower need pragmatism? In my view, ideology will prevent any nation from becoming a Superpower.

The CCCP rule may, however, end. The one-China principle would imply that Taiwan would – again – rule entire China. In time, the mix of Taiwan+China would likely surpass the American economy. One of the remaining 7 prophecies by American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce may refer to that moment.

Once you ignore the authoritarian rule of the CCCP then you start wondering if China is heading for a bankruptcy (eg, massive deficits, polycrisis). Hence, for some time rich Chinese people have been relocating their cash and themselves towards neighbouring countries (eg, the Guardian-2023).

Most people will argue that USA is a Superpower. From an economic and military view, this focus seems valid. Any comprehensive view would, however, create a different perspective (eg, deficits, happiness, infrastructure, healthcare, life expectancy, poverty, suicides, violence).

Moreover, the increase in American political ideology may even jeopardise its commonly accepted status as a Superpower. A success of Trump in 2024 would even question its status amongst military allies (eg, NATO-exit) and amongst American foes (eg, Iran, North Korea).

Once you ignore the America Superpower status then a different picture emerges: USA looks like a third-world semi-African country ruled by (very) rich white people. To some extent, it even feels like a reminder of South Africa, before Nelson Mandela and the ANC took over.

Russia offers no alternative as it resembles a kleptocracy. Interestingly, Russia is ruled by a fanatic ideologist who is endangering the wealth of his oligarchs. The longer the invasion of Ukraine takes, the more Russian wealth is lost. In my view, Russian kleptocrats will not accept that outcome.

Europe seems to think that Knowledge equals Power. Several powerful American companies have accepted that European reality (eg, Axios). However, the 2022 and ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine has learned Europe that only Power = Power.

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