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Cutting ties

I’ve been trying to cut my ties with someone. Unsuccessfully though. A friend keeps asking me why I’m failing. I have no explanation and/but I seem to undermine my own efforts. I did cut my ties with others. To be fair, they cut their ties with me first. It took me quite some time to reciprocate their deeds.

Apparently, cutting ties is more than just a two-way street.

Perhaps, successfully cutting ties requires a mutual lack of respect and trust in each other. Perhaps, it’s impossible cutting ties with someone if and when there’s still respect and trust in each other.

The quote below adds an important ingredient to the explanation: hurt. Once you feel hurt then it’s much easier to cut ties with someone you once cared about. Care is often a long-term feeling (eg, parents-children).

I suppose that care and hurt are the causes or the input of this long-term process, while lack of respect and trust represents its effects or its output.

After writing the above, I finally realised my explanation: I still care about her wellbeing, and she didn’t hurt me too much. Hence, I still trust her. My respect for her is just a little dented.

“Deciding to finally cut ties with the people in your life who consistently hurt you isn’t enough; you must also decide to cut ties with the version of yourself who allowed that shit to continue for as long as it did.”

A Minds Journal quote by Canadian author Cici. B; also see this Amazon UK note

Cutting Ties (2016) by Emma Brammer
artist, lyrics, video, albums, no Wikipedia

Cut my ties up, losing the feeling
Walking away from, all we know
Cut my ties up, holding my baby
Getting away from, I don’t know

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